Dorms closest to the surf

Did you know colleges have surf teams?

Shaw Kobayshi, 2014 national college surf champ
  • Shaw Kobayshi, 2014 national college surf champ

In 1997, I returned to San Diego to work on a couple university projects; a new parking garage at USD and then the new Commons building at Point Loma Nazarene. The Point Loma job was my favorite project.

I had no clue that colleges had surf teams and that some offered classes such as “The Physics of Surfing” at UCSD.

Point Loma Nazarene boasts the “closest dorms to the surf,” according to Surfer.com, which rates the clifftop school as the best university “for surfers who want to surf between classes” and second among the top ten surf colleges.

Past Event

National Scholastic Surfing Association College Championships

Point Loma has won the National Scholastic Surfing Association College National Championship three times and is heading into the state championship competition this weekend, March 3–5, at Seaside Reef in Cardiff.

The top five teams heading into the state championships are Point Loma Nazarene, Cal Poly, UC Santa Barbara, MiraCosta, and San Diego State. As there is a front expected to roll through before the weekend, the swell prediction looks good, along with lots of sunshine for the spectators and temps predicted around 70 degrees.

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Hmmm. That school has presented itself as a Godly sort of operation, with its obvious Christian name and appeal. But now we learn it is recognized by the surf rats as a "really awesome, Dude" place for surfing. We might ask about which it is. Is the school a heavily religious operation? Or is it just the latest, greatest campus for the surf-obsessed?

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