In the Navy...you can get $1800 steaks...in the Navy...

Commander Mario Herrera goes down in Fat Leonard scandal

Leonard Glenn Francis
  • Leonard Glenn Francis

U.S.Navy commander Mario Herrera was charged in a complaint unsealed today (February 16) with accepting romps with prostitutes, luxury travel, and elaborate dinners featuring $1800 steaks from foreign defense contractor Leonard Glenn Francis — aka Fat Leonard.

Herrera is the 12th Navy official to be charged in the ongoing scandal. According to court documents, Herrera received the bribes in return for sending Navy ship schedules and other proprietary information to Francis.

The Navy officials who accepted the bribes called themselves the "Band of Brothers" and the "Wolf Pack." Commander Jose Luis Sanchez, who was among the first officers charged, often was a conduit for information sent by Herrera.

In an email, Sanchez asked Francis to send pictures of prostitutes, saying, "the brothers are ready to indulge," according to court documents.

The complaint also charges that Herrera made recommendations to the Navy to make sure ships landed in ports lucrative to Francis.

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Sad state of affairs when high ranking Naval officers are so easily corrupted.

AlexClarke: Yes, high-ranking officers should have more ethics, and more sense.

When I was an Army private, we were told (half-jokingly), that enlisted men get syphilis from contact with prostitutes. Officers get it from toilet seats. Best, Don Bauder

Mike Murphy: True: it's hard to do business in many parts of the world without passing out bribes. (It's often true in the U.S., too, but we don't talk about that.) But these Navy people were not businessmen. They were taking bribes, not offering them. Best, Don Bauder

they were in business for themselves at that point.

Murphyjunk: Exactly. Moonlighting -- in more ways than one. Best, Don Bauder

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