High school survivalists the Regrettes

With a Warner Brothers record deal, no regrets for these four teens

Singer Lydia Night (third from left): “I like to watch Twin Peaks when I’m not feeling super inspired.”
  • Singer Lydia Night (third from left): “I like to watch Twin Peaks when I’m not feeling super inspired.”
  • Image by Jen Rosenstein

They’re too young to hold office and at least two of them can’t vote, but the Regrettes, four teens pushing back against conventional notions of beauty, status, and worth, have a Warner Brothers recording contract, a new album, Feel Your Feelings, Fool!, and a date with ten other bands on February 18 as part of Soma’s “You Are Going 2 Hate This Fest.” Singer Lydia Night took some email questions.

Have you played San Diego before?

"A Living Human Girl"

...by the Regrettes

...by the Regrettes

“We have! I love playing there. Everyone is always super sweet and I love staying there because my aunt owns a house that we usually stay at, right on the beach.”

Which School of Rock did the bandmembers meet at? Can anybody play “Eruption” note-perfect?

“We met at the School of Rock in Burbank. We were all friends but not super close. I’m actually not sure about the Zappa or ‘Eruption’ thing, ha-ha. I haven’t ever gotten into Zappa and sure as hell can’t play ‘Eruption.’”

Have your live receptions changed over time?

“We’ve definitely all gotten much more comfortable onstage. The more you play, the easier it gets to give it everything you’ve got.”

You’re heavy down with Friday the 13th. Do you love the movies?

“My love for Friday the 13th actually has nothing to do with the movies. I was born on that day and I always have an amazing day on every Friday the 13th.”

You’ve been lumped in with the riot grrl movement — Bikini Kill, Tacocat. Which were your most powerful influences?

“I like to watch Twin Peaks when I’m not feeling super inspired. I also love Buddy Holly, Fleetwood Mac, Amy Winehouse, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and the Ronettes.”

Past Event

You Are Going 2 Hate This Fest

  • Saturday, February 18, 2017, 3 p.m.
  • Soma, 3350 Sports Arena Boulevard, San Diego
  • $17

Which bands do you admire and regard as peers?

“I admire Kate Nash so much because she’s so outspoken and her music is just plain fantastic.”

Which songs on the album are your proudest of, and why?

“I’m proudest of ‘Pale Skin’ because that’s a super intense song for me to play. It’s kinda hard because it brings up a lot of shit.”

Is the band going to get out of high school alive?

“We are all committed to the band and we’re gonna stick with it. [Drummer] Maxx [Morando] and I are the only ones still in high school, and we’re both about to be done. So I think we will survive. Ha-ha.”

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