Alleged Oceanside gang members indicted

Tiny Dum, Lil' Burger, Baby West, among those caught in justice system

Eleven alleged members and associates of Oceanside's Westside Crips gang were indicted today (February 10) for racketeering, conspiracy involving drug trafficking, prostitution, and other crimes. "[T]he manager of two national brand hotels in Oceanside" was also charged.

Five were arrested this morning in North County and another was caught in New Mexico. Five were already in custody and one remained at large at midday.

Court documents allege that the Westside Crips are similar to a crime family, in which all work together to rake in money. The defendants are Corey Austin, William Bright, Ameer Roby, Michael Sullivan, Peter Miranda, Shane Anderson, Jasiri Lacey, Demetrius McFarland, Travion McHenry, Richard Cleveland, Larry Monroe, and Umesh Oza. Nicknames of the individuals include "Tiny Dum," "Lil' Burger," "Baby West," and "2Much."

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Don, some of your other pages are "unavailable." What gives?

Flapper: Darned if I know. I'm not a technician. Email [email protected] or [email protected], Don Bauder

Gang and gang members are nothing more than domestic terrorists. They should be rounded up and prosecuted as terrorists. Any gang member should receive an LWOP enhancement for any crime conviction. Gangs have killed more people than all the terrorists combined have.

AlexClarke: According to the New York Times, since 9/11, almost twice as many Americans have been killed by white supremacists, anti-government fanatics, and non-Muslim extremists s as have been killed by radical Muslims.

Do you think Trump and Bannon are going to try to thwart white supremacists? Don't kid yourself. Best, Don Bauder

Murphyjunk: The word "gangturds"is a new one on me, but it seems apt. Best, Don Bauder

This is very interesting in that all the names are other-than-Hispanic. In Oceanside, the usual gangs are Hispanic, such as Center City and Posole, or Samoan. So, I'd guess the operations of the Crips are not just the usual punk street gang sort of thing.

But I would like to know more about the two "national brand hotels" referenced. One might assume they are low-end motels, not anything at all fancy. And the city does have Motel 6, along with Rodeway Inn, but no Econo Lodge. (Those are the lowest-end national brands I can think of.) Then again, maybe some of the better, newer hotels in town have been compromised and turned into hotbeds of illicit activity.

Maybe they should be called "national brand no-tell motels." I think the term "hotel" is a misnomer.

AlexClarke: You can be certain the hotels are not Trump Hotels. Best, Don Bauder

AlexClarke: The news release I have does not give the names of the so-called national brand hotels. Best, Don Bauder

Visduh: The U.S. Attorney's office did not release the names of the hotels. The manager provided a "save haven" for the gang members, according to the information released. Best, Don Baider

Trump hotels are for dirty oligarcic down low under radar dealers. Poor Melania does look like a deer caught in headlight/spotlight. What can she do but wait for his overthrow?

shirleiyberan: I hope we will hear from Trump's first two wives. Ivana apparently was going to talk, then got cold feet. Best, Don Bauder

Way back when, Ivana was touted as a very vibrant and savvy personality. But soon, she was out, out, out, and Marla was in. Somehow (maybe 'cause I don't read People magazine) I didn't know she was gone. This wife is a marvelously good piece of "arm candy." She may be a very good person, but cannot be understood until we understand Trump himself.

His saga of three wives may parallel the story of the "Three wives of Henry II", as in Henry Ford II. I can't fully repeat, in that this is a public newspaper, a comment I recall about those three wives, except to say that the first one was "class", the second one "crass", and the third one . . .

Visduh: I cannot assume, assess or assert the qualities of that third wife. Should I sell my Ford stock -- all 100 shares? Best, Don Bauder

Hard to say. I've never owned stock in a US, or foreign for that matter, auto manufacturer, and don't intend to. If I owned Ford, I'd probably be looking at selling it now, during a boom period of sales.

Visduh: I have a bit of a capital loss in it. My problem is I don't look at Ford enough because I only have 100 shares. If I looked at it, I probably would take your advice. Best, Don Bauder

If you search the last name on the list of indicted individuals, you discover the two subject motels. Both are on North Coast Hwy. One is low-cost national brand. If you read the Tripadvisor reviews it's clear these properties were places where drug deals and other crimes were committed. The reviewers make clear their disgust of the rooms and the activities around the properties.

But, but, but, we are told that Oceanside is now cleaner than a hound's tooth! Are you insinuating that it still has some dirty spots? Oh, say it ain't so Joe! One recent Oceanside motel that was busted was an aged former Travelodge that stands just at the north end of the old highway bridge to the west of I-5. That one was "taken down" maybe two years ago; it was a classic "Patel motel", in that when the arrests were made the owner (or was it manager?) was named Patel. Shortly thereafter it was looking spruced up, with its sign proclaiming that it was under new management and that the rooms were renovated, and included a free breakfast. But at that time, and even now, it has no national chain affiliation. The two you mention probably don't include that one.

Visduh: Motels need national chain affiliations for marketing and reservations purposes. But….shucks, I don't know what is going on at that motel. Best, Don Bauder

Ponzi: Clearly you did more homework on this item than I did. That happens often, it seems. Blame age and intellect. I have too much of the former and too little of the latter. Best, Don Bauder

Don, no I am just ashamed I have more time on my hands than you do! Your story had all it needed to convey the news, I am just so addicted to google that I try to dig down into more details just for the fun of it.

Ponzi: Yes, and I am very glad that you do the digging. This blog relies on people like you. I do an item. You sleuths add critical information that I missed. Best, Don Bauder

John Jusko: The Crips gangs are legendary. Best, Don Bauder

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