Doug Manchester to be Bahama Papa for U.S.?

Former U-T owner said to be in running for ambassadorship

Douglas Manchester and Donald Trump
  • Douglas Manchester and Donald Trump
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The BahamasPress.com is an online news operation in the Bahamas. On December 27, it reported, "Lyford Cay resident Papa Doug Manchester is being tipped as the next U.S. Ambassador to the Bahamas under a Trump Administration." (Lyford Cay is a gated community on New Providence Island, Bahamas, considered one of the most affluent and exclusive communities in the world.)

I cannot find that other media have followed this or whether BahamasPress.com covered it again. I phoned Manchester's office and asked one of his assistants if he is in the running for ambassador to the Bahamas. She replied, "Not to my knowledge, no." She quickly added, "I don't want to discuss this with you" and hung up. I have not heard back from the Bahamas government.

Manchester is a multimillionaire real estate developer who once owned the San Diego Union-Tribune.

After Fidel Castro drove the American Mafia out of Cuba in the late 1950s and early 1960s, gangsters decided to make the Bahamas their next offshore gambling haven. Mob financier Meyer Lansky was the major planner. Casinos were set up in the Bahamas. But after the Bahamas got their freedom from Great Britain in 1973, the islands were not so friendly to mobsters, who moved their banking to the Cayman Islands.

The Bahamas were one of the early offshore banking havens. In 2009, when many nations were cracking down on offshore havens, Prime minister Hubert Ingraham said that banking secrecy was one of the pillars of the 50-year-old financial services sector, and there is no plan to change them. However, the Bahamas are not now considered one of the major bank-secrecy havens. Under certain circumstances, it will provide information to foreign governments.

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Looks like Halloween is Early This Year!

SportsFan0000: Manchester could be ambassador to the Bahamas when the Trump administration eliminates all the barriers to stashing money in offshore tax and secrecy havens. However, to my knowledge, the Trump folks haven't even mentioned that.

It may be possible that if barriers to stashing money offshore were removed, Trump could release his income tax records -- not his past ones, though. Best, Don Bauder

don bauder The US hasn't had and Ambassador to the Bahamas in several years, since sometime during the first Obama administration, I believe. Nor more than a week or 10 days ago, I read on article on renewing an agreement having to do with some kind of undersea testing in the Atlantic, and the current chargè d'affaires, an Obama appointee was still there. BTW, the reason there is no ambassador is because the Senate has held by interim appointees.

danfogel: The information is interesting, but doesn't have bearing on whether Manchester would be offered or take such a post. Best, Don Bauder

Well Manchester has a home there. He'll make an interesting cocktail ambassador. It cost him over a million dollars in campaign contributions. Plus he'll get that cool black U.S. Diplomatic Passport.

There has been several diplomatic appointments to people who had never visited the country they were being appointed to.

Ponzi: Unfortunately, ambassadorships are handed out to political donors.We need professionals in those jobs -- people who intimately understand the country and culture they are in. But what do you expect of the Trump administration? Best, Don Bauder

Flapper: Is that a reference to monarch butterflies? Best, Don Bauder

There may be some in his belfry . . . or his considerable stomach.

Flapper: If he takes the post (doubtful), he will not appoint you as his assistant. Best, Don Bauder

Maybe the Cayman Islands would be a better fit yuk, yuk, yuk..

SportsFan0000: The Caymans are one of the largest world money centers. U.S. ambassador to Caymans would have to know finance very well.Best, Don Bauder

Manchester should be the first space traveler on one of Space X's (Elon Musk's ) private rocket ships to Mars or some asteriod..

Well, there you go. We now know that the cost of a cocktail ambassadorship is about $1 million dollars. Papa Doug has bought himself an ambassadorship. Everything now is for sale. To top it off, Papa Doug's hand-me-down Russian mail-order bride may add more, well why does "Russia" always lurk in the decisions Donald Trump makes?


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