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Alleged Sex Offender Elicits Laughter

Your cover story about the alleged sex offender was funny. The guy didn’t really try to prove his innocence at all! After four embarrassing accusations, he resorted to Google. LOL!

I also wanted to say that the mayor is such a pussy for not going on the women’s march or even talking about it. Good luck running for governor.

  • Name withheld
  • via voicemail

Group Effort

This is a very nice article that you printed in Unreal Estate. I am the interior designer that worked closely with the architect, Gary Cohn, and the builder, Dean Fargo, with Four By Four Construction for the past two and a half years. It was quite unique to work on two custom homes from the ground up with this fantastic team.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you need any more information, and feel free to list my name as the interior designer.

  • Amy McAtee
  • Poway

NAFTA Disaster for Mexico, Too

Don Bauder is on the wrong track, proclaiming a trade war with Mexico. If managed right, this can be the best thing for Mexico in 40 years. I have described exactly how (in both English and Spanish) on my website, — my solution described as “very good, and very accurate” by published economist John Medaille (Toward a Truly Free Market, ISI Books).

My daughter Alice, who is fluent and literate in Spanish, was the one who alerted me to the little known fact that NAFTA has been a disaster for Mexico as well as the USA. If one ignores the rhetoric and counter-rhetoric, this points a way to a very simple solution.

Please, Mr. Bauder, read my article, even if you do not publish this letter.

  • Larry Dickson
  • Lincoln Acres

Restaurant Blacklist

Re: Neighborhood News: “Restaurant Surcharges Called ‘Fraud’

Do you know if anyone has started a list of the restaurants that are doing the increase? I think the people should know, and then make the decision if they want to patronize the establishment.

  • Norm Williams
  • Carlsbad

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