Ace Parking sued for printing TMI on receipts

Plaintiff(s) says credit-card digits must be better protected

A putative class-action suit was filed against Ace Parking Management on December 1 in federal court. Joseph Samo, and potentially others, get Ace credit and debit card receipts that give too much information, "subjecting them to a substantially higher risk of an identity theft or fraud," according to the suit.

On November 8 of this year, Samo parked his vehicle in one of Ace's La Jolla lots. He paid with a Visa debit card "that illegally displayed the last four digits of his debit card, along with the debit card's full expiration date," according to the suit. This violates the Fair and Accurate Reporting Act, claims the suit.

The suit focuses more on the printing of the full expiration date of credit card holders. In 2003, Visa's chief executive, at a press conference on Capitol Hill, said, "the card's expiration date will be eliminated from receipts altogether."

Ace manages 450 lots across the U.S., grossing $440 million annually, according to the suit. After being given three days, Ace did not give a response to the suit.

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I don't think the "last four digits" issue has standing, as that 'truncation' can be needed to identify what card number was used for making a purchase. But storing let alone printing the "full expiration date" appears to have merits.

On a personal level, I hope they win, as Ace is absolute scum as a company. I avoid their lots at all costs, as I have experienced deceptive rate advertising, improper time billing, and forced debit card use (requiring surrender of a PIN rather than processing under the protection of a credit transaction). And if you have an objection to these practices or anything else, they will refuse to allow you to leave without paying, saying you can submit a complaint to the company later. Ah, but the small print on the back of the receipts allege that by paying, you surrender your rights to complain.

Cassander: I agree that the printing of the full expiration date is the charge that could register in the courts. Best, Don Bauder

Ace Parking and their grip on San Diego politicians is a deep swamp that needs draining. Is there a polictician with the guts to take them out? Are they truly Mafia as rumored?

CaptainObvioius: Nationally, organized crime is active in the parking business, but I know nothing about Ace being mobbed-up. In my 40 years-plus of covering San Diego, I have heard lots of complaints about Ace. Best, Don Bauder

City contracts with towing companies, Ace parking and ambulance services should have a civilian review board as well as a Grand Jury review.

Ponzi, Any citizen can request that the San Diego County Grand Jury look at specific government operations. Get a complaint form here: http://www.sandiegocounty.gov/content/sdc/grandjury/complaint_form.html

Been there. The best time to file a complaint with the Grand Jury is in July when the new jurists are sworn in. They will look through the submitted complaints, grievances and claims and look or something juicy and interesting. They have so many complaints stacked up and forwarded to the next jury, that it would take 10 years to catch up if all complaints were placed on a moratorium.

Ponzi: Grand juries that focus on better government have come up with some good reports through the years. Best, Don Bauder

Uh, when those reports are generated and released, the record of them being heeded is poor, I think. In truth, they are generally ignored. Their value might be in piquing interest of the FBI, and maybe the DA. Notice that I said "maybe" because this previous DA did little to root out corruption, despite declaring that she would crack down. The new one? Who really knows. But I'm not optimistic.

Visduh: So true. The grand juries come out with good reports that get buried. The classic one was the report on the ballpark scam. The grand jury did an excellent job showing, essentially, that it was a land grab. The local establishment got the report held up several days. The head of the jury raised hell, and it was finally released the day before the vote on the ballpark.

A U-T reporter wrote a good story about the grand jury's warnings, although it would only run the morning of the vote. The U-T chopped up the story, made it unreadable, and buried it inside the paper.

This was classic San Diego -- Scamsville. Best, Don Bauder

Ponzi: It's a huge stack of unaddressed complaints -- just what the council wants. Best, Don Bauder

Ponzi: Agreed. Towing is a scam involving police. Parking often smells. Ditto ambulance services. Best, Don

If Ace is mobbed up, they are very careful to keep it out of sight. One of the dirty little secrets of the SD establishment is how that outfit can dominate paid parking in so many locations. I shudder to think of the clout it would have if this were Chicago, which requires paying to park your car in most situations. There seems to be little real competition in the parking industry, at least here in San Diego. I've paid to park in their lots maybe ten times in the past thirty years--yes you read that right. But the experiences were always anxiety-raising. If this city and county got some real attention from the feds (read FBI), there would be plenty of scandals. Ace might just be one of them.

Visduh: If Ace were located in Chicago, and mobbed up, it wouldn't get investigated. I think a grand jury should look into San Diego parking. Best, Don Bauder

Shimizu Randall (Cassander): Yes, but if you knew Ace was cheating customers on overtime parking, where would you park? Best, Don Bauder

Mike Murphy: You may be right. Best, Don Bauder

the problem is that every one knows whats going on, and it still goes on.

Murphyjunk: That's because people know they can't do anything about it. Best, Don Bauder

Scott Jones of Ace Parking (CEO) is a dark soul (I promise you). Ace Parking has a strange monopoly in San Diego, and the only logical SUM CHECK is they are lining the pockets of those in both SD City and Port of San Diego GOVS. No investigative journalists seem to want to go further on this matter.

Daerren: If it's as bad as you say, I am one investigative journalist who doesn't want to get into it. Best, Don Bauder

True pic of Scott Jones. His girlfriend (whether now or former) is blanked out. You be the judge. How many of you can say NOSE CANDY?


by Darren

I recall that he spends tens of thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery and various cosmetic therapies and skin treatments. This picture illustrates that it isn't working dude.

Ponzi: I have heard nothing about cosmetic surgery. Best, Don Bauder

Looks like the actor that played the part of the creeper in an old movie

Murphyjunk: I don't watch old movies, either. And actually, I watch few new ones. That is a mistake, because there are some good ones. Best, Don Bauder

Beauty is skin deep but ugly is clear to the bone.

AlexClarke: Profound, that. Best, Don Bauder

Hi Ponzi, Scott does spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on various drugs, but no drug has really helped him, though he wants to look like Keith Richards.

Darren: Nose candy? Hmm. Best, Don Bauder

judging by the size of his nose, it must take a lot of "candy"

Murphyjunk: I don't mind aiming invective at Ace and other parking companies, but I am not interested in slamming an executive's looks. Best, Don Bauder

Darren: It might be a large white dog, not a girlfriend blanked out. Best, Don Bauder

He is lucky anything will kiss him.

Ponzi: Kiss him where? Best, Don Bauder

Hi Don, it could even be the mayor on Scott's side.

Darren: You are right. Best, Don Bauder

Ponzi: The council is apparently bestowing kisses on him. Best, Don Bauder

AlexClarke: I agree, but the best restaurants are the ones whose parking lots are full all the time. Best, Don Bauder

I am afraid the person or journalist who most deeply looks into Ace Parking and the City of San Diego (and Port District), might find those not wanting the truth exposed, digging a deep grave for the truth seeker and truth teller. That is how it works in Chicago and NYC, I suspect the same for here. Scott does wear mascara, has a nipple ring (I suspect of Keith Richards), and is not a nice man at all. If I disappear soon, please investigate Scott Jones and the paid thugs he may have hired.

Darren: Should you disappear, I will ask Ace Parking to send its sleuths after you. Best, Don Bauder

Don't be surprised the local Jack in the Box drive-thrus will feature a little Ace Parking control arm, take a ticket to enter the drive-thru, order your food, pay and receive food, then pay at little Scott Jones' smiling face on an ACE kiosk at end of drive-thru. It will only be $2, and we'll feel lucky it is "so cheap."

Darren: Jack in the Box is a publicly-owned company that is worth far more than Ace Parking. So it's more likely that you will be forced to eat a Jack hamburger before departing an Ace parking facility than the other way around. Best, Don Bauder

Scott Jones, owner of San Diego's Ace Parking Co. and a patient at the California Healthspan Institute, said he considers the $2,000 to $3,000 he spends each month on HGH injections, testosterone cream, vitamins and supplements as "preventive" health care.

There's some TMI.

Ponzi: Now that smart pills are available (I, for one, doubt they work), I should take them for "preventive" health care. Best, Don Bauder

Ponzi hit the bulls-eye, and you should see all the work that goes into keeping those products refrigerated then transported to Scott Jones' La Jolla mansion (of hell, for those that miss one small detail or say one word different than Scott 5150 wants to hear). How many tissue boxes does Scott Jones use on a 30-minute trip? Jones' favorite LINE: "Nose candy anyone?"

Darren: Again, I don't mind slamming crooked companies or their executives, but I don't care to assess an executive's looks. Best, Don Bauder

Don, it is not about looks but what certain entertainment additives do to one's nose, and their behavior, and conduct to others. It is not good when the person is head of a parking control cartel that has the City of San Diego in their pocket. Happy New Year!

Darren: Good. Now you are talking about the morality of the company and the politicians who do it favors, rather than the chief executive's looks. Best, Don Bauder

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