Lifeguard oddities of 2017

Female swimming around boats untying them, truck sinks launching from Shelter Island ramp, naked boater throwing stuff off boat

Shelter Island boat ramp
  • Shelter Island boat ramp

March 15 – Harbor Patrol responded to the A-2 Anchorage (Americas Cup Harbor) to investigate a subject acting erratically aboard a sailboat he set adrift. The naked subject was throwing items from the vessel into the bay as the boat drifted through the anchorage hitting other vessels. After approximately 30 minutes of dealing with the subject hiding below decks and causing scenes while standing on top of the boat, HPD MARTAC Team was deployed. After the subject was hit with several pepper balls he was taken into custody. He was taken to the hospital to be evaluated for being under the influence of drugs or a mental disorder.

March 26 – Harbor Patrol responded to the security booms surrounding the US Naval Aircraft Carrier Basin for the report of a subject in the water. With assistance from a US Naval Security vessel, Harbor Patrol located subject who was conscious, but disoriented and hypothermic. Subject transported to the US Coast Guard dock where SD Fire and paramedics continued with medical treatment and transported to hospital. Unknown how or where subject entered the water.

May 20- Harbor Patrol responded to the Shelter Island Launch ramp for a vehicle and trailer submerged in the water. It was found that the subjects were attempting to put a sailboat in the water and were having difficulties with the deep keel of the boat. They backed the truck into the water as far as they could and then used the sailboat motor in an attempt to rock it off of the trailer. During this process, the truck slid back into the water becoming completely submerged.

July 4- Harbor Patrol issued a citation to a sailboat operator for violation of Rule 9, Narrow Channel. The operator of the sailboat crossed in front of a car carrier ship that was exiting SD Bay causing the Captain to sound 5 short blasts of the horn (danger). The operator then tacked (turned) and came back across the ship's path again. The Captain and Port Pilot had to take evasive action to avoid a collision. ”Rule 9 (Narrow channels) (a) A vessel proceeding along the course of a narrow channel or fairway shall keep as near to the outer limit or the channel or fairway which lies on her starboard side as is safe and practicable.” – Handbook of the Nautical Rules of the Road by Llana & Wisneskey

July 26- Boating: Vessel “Bad Buoy” calls for Vessel Assist then USCG on VHF 16 reporting that they are a 53’ vessel dead in the water and getting close to the rocks at the entrance to Mission Bay Channel. Lifeguard boat unit is dispatched and tows vessel to slip at Dana Landing.

Enforcement: Tow Boat US operator requests assistance for an aggressive boat owner whose vessel has sunk. Boat owner is dropped off at the dock at Dana Landing and contracts with Tow Boat US for salvage.

July 27 - Cliff: Fire requests Rescue units to Rancho Bernardo for an injured male stuck in a 50’ palm tree. Responding units set up as secondary rescue resource. Ladder 40 is able to extricate the person.

August 5 - Enforcement: 415, person with a knife at Blacks volleyball courts. Lifeguards, SDPD, ABLE air unit, State lifeguard, UCSD PD on scene. ABLE locates suspect on the trail. SDPD detains the person and meets with Reporting Person.

August 13- Other: Baby locked in a vehicle at 505 Coast. Lifeguard and emergency respond. Emergency handles extrication.

September 9- Other: Smoke, possible boat fire near Campland by the Bay. Multiple lifeguard boat units and emergency on scene. Not a boat fire. Reported flag burning ceremony on the street.

Sept 21- Harbor Patrol responded to a south bay marina for a female swimming around the boats and untying them. Harbor Patrol located the female and retrieved her from the water, finding that she was under the influence of narcotics. Prior to charging her with the crime, Harbor Patrol called for paramedics to evaluate her for possible hypothermia.

September 22- Other: Motorhome on fire at Friars Rd. across from Sea World Dr. Off-duty lifeguard is reporting person. Fire notified. Person pulled from burning motor home. Multiple emergency and medical units respond. Medical transports to rescued patient to hospital.

September 30- Boating: 2 kayakers in distress off Devil’s Slides. Lifeguard shore and Jet Ski units respond. Jet Ski unit rescues 3 uninjured people from the rocks and transports them to La Jolla Shores.

October 27- Other: Dog locked in vehicle at dog beach in Ocean Beach. Lifeguards and emergency respond. Dog is freed from the vehicle and all units clear.

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