Prevost ducks trial by Bar court

She is recommended for disbarment

Mary Frances Prevost
  • Mary Frances Prevost
  • from acrimedefenseattorney.com

Mary Frances Prevost, who bills herself as "California's Top Criminal & DUI Attorney," has been recommended for disbarment by the State Bar's Office of Chief Trial Counsel. As of July 31, she is ineligible to practice law in the state.

The Bar intended to put her on trial for several misdeeds, such as failure to put client funds in a trust account, grossly negligent misappropriation, and engaging in unauthorized practice of law. She made some defensive moves, such as unsuccessfully trying to disqualify the judge. Then she failed to show up at the trial, and the Bar had had enough and recommended disbarment. She had previously been disciplined for misbehavior.

In a December 7, 2016 Reader article, alert commenters pointed out an incident that I had deliberately left out for her sake. When she was a graduate student in 1986, she had disguised herself as a messenger delivering flowers. When admitted to a home, she began stabbing the fiancee of her former boyfriend. She was charged with attempted murder and ordered to undergo psychiatric examination.

She has been a frequent interviewee on local television when reporters wanted an expert to explain details of legal procedure.

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If she was charged in 1986, wouldn't it be at all possible to also include how the legal process played out? Was she acquitted? Were the charges dropped? Was she found not guilty by reason of insanity? What was the victim's name? Where did this happen? Has she been practicing in San Diego or another local town?

Are you leaving these details out for OUR sake?

Speaking of shady attorneys, http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/watchdog/sd-me-malpractice-suit-20170816-story.html

petezanko: In the case of Prevost in 1986, answering the questions you pose would probably require days of research that might be futile. This incident has been mentioned in several media reports, including my own late last year.

In re Aguirre and Severson, I saw the suit some time ago and didn't consider it worthy of reporting. Aggressive lawyers regularly get sued. Best, Don Bauder

Maybe he was busy running for mayor and getting 5 percent instead of doing his job and representing his clients? The blowjobs you give Aguirre are embarrassing, Mr. Bauder. Wipe the jizz off your chin.

petezanko: I don't think I have heard that word "jizz" since high school. And I graduated from high school in 1954. Best, Don Bauder

"Research that may be futile." Right. In other words, you're lazy.

Do you really think that each of the 13 women who accused Filner of harassing them just made it all up? I guess, being the lazy Coloradan that you are, it's easier to say so and that Filner got "lynched" than bother with any of that "research that may be futile."

petezanko: I have said that those women were not being sexually harassed by Filner, because they were not employees of the city. And some of them were likely making their stories up. I pointed out the severe character flaws of several of them.

You are referring to a parade of women lined by a Los Angeles lawyer to bolster her case and get her clients hefty settlements, of which she probably took a healthy chunk. Wake up. Best, Don Bauder

My friend was one of those women. You have decided that either she's lying or she wasn't sexually assaulted. You seem to think it's OK for a guy like Filner to grope her -- groping is sexual assault, by the way. You also seem to think, without a shred of evidence, that it's OK to call her a liar because it suits your political leanings. Furthermore, Filner himself admitted he's a pervert and has a problem, but you refuse to hear it. Men may not touch women without their consent -- do you understand that? You wake up, you pathetic conspiracy theorist. Maybe if you showed your face in San Diego, you wouldn't insult victims of sexual assault. Now, once more, are you calling my friend a liar? Why are you doing hit jobs on victims of sexual assault? Why is it so important for you to try to blame the victims? Wasn't at least one a former colleague of yours at the UT? Are you calling her a liar, too? Are they all liars? Don't you understand -- Filner himself admitted it. What the hell is wrong with you? Have you attempted to interview any of them? Or was that another case of "research that may be futile." You "wake up." You're an insult to journalism, you're lazy, and you're an indecent human being.

Still no answer, Don? You seem to answer everything else.

I think this has something to do with the women who rejected you while you were at the U-T. It can't all be about working for the ISS.


Mike Aguirre is an excellent attorney who looks out for the rights of the people against powerful interests...No attorney can win every case...Some times even the best attorneys in the country lose cases.

Aguirre represented plaintiffs who lost a case. Attorneys fees were assessed against the losers of the case Aguirre's clients.

Aguirre's clients are now suing without the benefit of legal counsel ....that will be a very tall order indeed to win that case..

The article you cite appears to be a "hit piece" by the notorious UT that has been feuding with Aguirre for decades...

SportsFan0000: Actually, the author of that U-T piece, Jeff McDonald -- a very good reporter -- has relied on Aguirre and Severson for much information, particularly on the San Onofre case. This was not the typical U-T hit piece against Aguirre. Best, Don Bauder

Aguirre is an attention whore. Now it's biting him in the ass.

Prevost is unbelieveable! Wonder if she will resurface practicing law in another state?!

probably open a law firm with other lawyers, ( in an "advisory position" of course).

Murphyjunk: If she joined another firm she would still be unable to practice law if the Supreme Court does, indeed, approve the disbarment. I don't know if she could become a paralegal. legal secretary or researcher. Best, Don Bauder

"advisor" to her stooges ( other lawyers)

Murphyjunk: Again, I don't know if she could serve as advisor, paralegal or secretary. She might practice in another state, but she would be required to reveal to that state's bar and to her clients her California status. If she didn't, she would be in trouble again. Best, Don Bauder

SportsFan0000: If the Supreme Court officially disbars Prevost, she could conceivably begin practice elsewhere, although in time her California record would likely catch up with her. Best, Don Bauder

It's too bad we can't dis-bar lazy journalists.

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