Repo! The Genetic Opera casts shadow on transplants

What happens if you can’t pay for your new organ?

Replacing an organ as easy as buying a new washing machine
  • Replacing an organ as easy as buying a new washing machine

What if you needed a new liver? Or a new heart? What if replacing an organ were as easy as buying a new washing machine? Repo! The Genetic Opera takes that idea and makes it reality. Gene-Co, a massive medical company, collects and sells organs to patients in need. What happens if you can’t pay? They will happily reclaim their property with a song in their hearts and a whistle on their lips.

With an upcoming sequel for I Am Legend in the works, it’s not a bad idea to brush up on the first movie. Will Smith wrestles with the loss of his family while trying to close Pandora’s Box one Darkseeker at a time. Hopefully the sequel will pick up from the alternate ending instead of the original, but just in case, you may want to re-watch both endings so you are prepared.

Repo! The Genetic Opera (USA) 2008, Lionsgate

Available on YouTube and Amazon Video

I Am Legend (USA) 2007, Warner Brothers

Available on iTunes and Vudu

— Brandon J. Dean, KPBS Technology and Innovation

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