Colossal is colossal, and that includes Miss Hathaway

Fate of the Furious loses to Colossal in this week’s new movie race

Anne Hathaway does good work in the oddball monster flick.
  • Anne Hathaway does good work in the oddball monster flick.


Colossal 4.0

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“Why is Anne Hathaway the most hated star in Hollywood?” is just one of the first-page results when you google “Anne Hathaway Hollywood.” The others are similar. It’s almost enough to make you love her just for spite, especially when she’s doing work like Colossal, an oddball monster movie that totally tickled fellow critic Scott Marks. Ignore the haters, Miss Hathaway.


Their Finest 2.0

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Speaking of actresses carrying films, Gemma Arterton is just so gosh-darn appealing in the WWII movie-making movie Their Finest. Americans may, as the movie suggests, want more oomph, but we’re also helpless, hopeless Anglophiles in the right circumstances.

And if one actress is good, surely two is better? Maybe not, says Marks: he was a little let down by the delivery on the freaky fairy-tale concept of The Lure, which features not one but two mermaids. Oops: myrgyrls. Not exactly maidenly, these two.

Two is better than one, however, when it comes to the Tommys in Tommy’s Honour: old and young, father and son, greenskeeper and golfer. And two become one in the gay-marriage doc The Freedom to Marry, while two united in the bonds of friendship suffer a painful break in the historical drama Cezanne et Moi.

Finally, we regret to report that we didn’t get to the screening of Chris Evans’s gifted-kid drama Gifted — the publicity vortex for The Fate of the Furious was just too strong, alas. The good news is that Fate is actually fun.

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