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Not True!

I’m calling about “Baseball Is Different in Tijuana,” from the April 6 Reader (cover story). There are some really big inaccuracies in this article. For example, it talks about the time the games start: 9:00 p.m. That’s not true! The game started one time at 9:00 because of the inauguration, just because there was a concert before it.

Also for the not-so-scantily-clad

Also for the not-so-scantily-clad

The games are Monday through Friday at 7:05 p.m. On Saturdays, 6:05 p.m.; Sundays, 5:05 p.m.

The article also talks about the mascots. One of the ones mentioned is Pollo Layo. He’s not there anymore! He got fired. He’s not there for 2017. And Aminowana — he also got fired. There’s a new mascot that you don’t mention. His name is Nacho. He’s a rooster.

I don’t live across the border. I’m an American. I’m famous in the baseball stadium over there. The baseball stadium is very different from Petco Park. One thing that people really like over there is that there’s a concert after every game, and you can drink the whole time: after, before, and during. They don’t stop serving after the seventh inning.

  • Grant
  • via voicemail

Typical Run-Around

Re: News Ticker: “Mayor’s Aide Whisked to Phoenix on Private Jet

On August 8 this year I wrote City Councilman David Alvarez (no comment received), and on August 9 I wrote to Supervisor Diane Jacobs about the homeless problem in San Diego. I got the typical run-around and was referred to other county officials who told me to attend a Regional Consortium meeting on Rosecrans. What a joke.

I then contacted Diane Jacob’s aide about attending a conference in Utah on homelessness (where they do have a handle on the homeless problem), where I offered to pay my own way. No way, Jose.

So, seeing the city spend $2000 dollars on Stacie Spector’s lavish tour of Phoenix does not surprise me in the least. San Diego politicians like to talk the talk about homelessness (and spend the money!) but they don’t know shit about fixing the problem.

  • Mary Peters
  • Spring Valley

Half a Second to Make a Decision

This is in response to Dorian Hargrove’s News Ticker article, “To L.A. for Olango Justice.” What Dorian failed to mention was that Mr. Olango pulled the vape cigarette — e-cigarette— out of his pants and assumed a shooting position. As a police officer, that is a very dangerous to do, and the cop has probably half of a second to make a decision.

So, next time, please make sure you mention all the facts in your story, Mr. Hargrove.

  • John
  • via voicemail

Never Seen Them Harm nor Steal

In Letters, March 30, the lead letter is called “Why Are They in TJ?” It concerns the cover story of March 23, “Gateway Between Worlds”.

Because of flooding and destruction in Haiti, as well as politics in Africa, several international relief agencies transported refugees into Mexico and Central America, usually on freight ships. Ever since July 2016, Tijuana has had many there, and their stories of how they got there are frightful. The Reader has had previous articles on their plight.

Most speak French Creole, which is not the same as French, but some speak any one of several African tongues. They get some money from the relief agencies and live as many as 20 per room in Tijuana. Many have found jobs, or are waiting for news of when they get to talk to a U.S. immigration official. San Diego has a shelter for them in City Heights, if admitted to this country.

In Tijuana, the refugees congregate near Padre Chava’s help center, a mission that feeds poor folks near 2nd and Ocampo streets. At one time, the refugees camped in places that interfered with access to the United States, but they don’t do that anymore. I have never seen any of them harm anyone nor steal anything, and I operate a mission a few blocks away from the one mentioned.

  • Dr. John Kitchin
  • via email

Everybody Just Loves Them

I am calling about a letter printed March 30, “Why Are They in TJ?” Apparently this gentleman from La Mesa took a day trip to Mexico to see architecture, and when he arrived he saw groups of Africans standing around during working hours. He goes on to ask that, if they weren’t working, what were they doing there? Who paid for them to get there? Where were they living? Who was paying for their food? And who was paying for their housing?

Well, as most San Diegans already know, thanks to Reader articles printed in the recent past, these are Haitian immigrants — stranded refugees who came from Haiti escaping hurricanes and an earthquake back in 2010. They got stranded at the border due to ever-changing American immigration policies, and most of them are supported by charities such as the Border Angels. They are living in overcrowded shelters throughout the city of Tijuana. Different agencies, like church groups on both sides of the border, bring them blankets, and food, and supplies. Tijuana residents themselves have been very kind in making personal deliveries of things to these refugees.

This La Mesa fellow seems alarmed, and seems to feel that they should be investigated by authorities, almost as if they are organizing there and planning perhaps to come to the United States and attack us.

It might surprise him to know that in the little beachfront town of La Playa, there are actually two mosques and a wonderful, welcoming Islamic community. Everybody just loves them. They operate a beautiful restaurant that everyone in the community enjoys going to.

He concludes his letter by saying that the more wholesome a community is, the less social problems the world will have. I’m not sure what he means by “wholesome,” but in my humble opinion, a wholesome community is one where residents are educated, aware of social issues — like this Haitian situation — and don’t think that a group of people speaking a language he doesn’t understand should be investigated.

  • Vivian M. Dunbar
  • San Ysidro

America, Not Mexico

What gives with all of these articles on Mexico lately? Do you guys work for the Mexican Board of Tourism? Are you on the payroll or something? Why don’t you start doing more articles on San Diego — even north to Orange County or Riverside?

Make America great again — America, not Mexico. They’ve got to make their own country great again.

  • Claudius Nero
  • Ocean Beach

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