A neo-noir about revenge and remorse

And a neo-noir with the late Bill Paxton

Too Late
  • Too Late

Too Late (USA, 2015, Vanishing Angle) is a wicked little gem that went practically unnoticed last year. Rectify that immediately by checking it out. The film is a neo-noir about revenge and remorse told in five 22-minute takes. Don’t let the gimmicky sound of that fool you, as it looks great, and features a hard-boiled yet soulful performance by John Hawkes that proves he’s a national treasure. Available on Netflix and Google Play.

Speaking of neo-noirs, there’s no time like the present to honor the late Bill Paxton by watching A Simple Plan (USA, 1998, Paramount). Directed by Sam Raimi and adapted by Scott Smith from his own novel, it’s the frostbitten tale of greed and murder that occurs when small town accountant Paxton finds several million dollars with a dead body in the woods. Contemplative, bloody, and suspenseful, A Simple Plan also features impeccable, Oscar-nominated supporting work by the great Billy Bob Thornton. Available on Hulu and EPIX.

  • James Frazier
  • Semi-pro movie critic and reluctant adman

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