Rewind This! (USA, 2013, Film Buff) is a fun, informative walk down memory lane that documents the history of magnetic tape and the impact home video had in the '80s, which ultimately changed people’s relationships with film and television forever. It’s a labor of love by director Josh Johnson. He does a great job documenting the rise and fall of VHS. Insightful interviews with filmmakers, producers, actors, and collectors make this mandatory viewing for serious movie buffs. Long live analog! Available on Comic-Con HQ and YouTube.

The Voices (USA, 2014, Lionsgate) was virtually ignored when released but this hilariously insane horror comedy is destined to be a cult classic. Ryan Reynolds delivers one of his finest performances as a likable schizophrenic trying to be “normal.” His talking pets represent his internal struggles; the dog is sweet and kind-hearted, but the cat is wicked and murderous. Marjane Satrapi brilliantly directs, and as dark as the premise is she keeps everything light and funny. Available on Hulu and Amazon Video.

  • Kristian Smock
  • San Diego artist

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