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Lucrative after-hours at the library

Would you like a book with that?
  • Would you like a book with that?

In an effort to brand the new downtown library as a high-dollar private event venue, the city is searching for a bevy of exclusive gourmet caterers.

“Since its opening in September 2013, the Library has had approximately 450 private catering events that served over 52,000 guests,” says a recently issued request for sponsorship. “Our events have ranged from 50 people to 500 people.” Weddings are a big draw, the document says, with more than 80 booked since the library opened, adding up to more than half of the building’s event revenue, the amount of which is not specified.

The library’s most lucrative after-hours venues are said to include the “garden courtyard, and foyer on the first floor; the eighth floor reading room; and a large special event room, terraces, art gallery, and sculpture garden on the ninth floor.” For extra-large crowds, “The Neil Morgan auditorium seats 350 and has a separate entrance, making it available for use when the Library itself is closed. The floor-to-ceiling glass doors of the auditorium open into the courtyard where the [Kassianna – The Living Room] Cafe is located, thus expanding the auditorium seating for more people.”

According to the request, “the City intends to enter into catering service provider agreements with approximately five to ten food catering vendors. Library clients would be able to choose any one of the Catering Providers to handle food needs for their event.” Booze will be taken care of under a separate deal. “If there are alcoholic beverages requested, all liquid and beverage services must be contracted by the Catering Provider with the City’s Liquid and Beverage Provider.” Under the desired arrangement, the city would get 100 percent of the room rental, and 5 percent or more of the food take.

In other city real estate news, the submission deadline for proposals to take over the frequently controversial operation of the iconic Torrey Pines Gliderport has been extended from August 30 until November 31.

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Just heard a report of hundreds of assaults in and around the building, party on.

Have you smelled that place? Outside apparently is nothing but a big urinal.

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