Fat Leonard deputies destined for prosecution

Two ex-executives of Glenn Defense ensnared in Navy scam

Leonard Glenn Francis (aka "Fat Leonard")
  • Leonard Glenn Francis (aka "Fat Leonard")

Two former executives of Glenn Defense Marine Asia have been extradited from Singapore and arraigned on charges of participating in a conspiracy to submit fraudulent information, price quotes, claims, and invoices to the U.S. Navy as key parties in the long-running scandal involving personnel of the United States Navy and Glenn Defense Marine Asia.

Among other things, the Malaysian company was fed critical logistical information on the whereabouts of Navy craft, so the company had a leg up on getting contracts.

Malaysian nationals Neil Peterson and Linda Raja of Singapore worked as chief deputies for foreign defense contractor Leonard Glenn Francis (aka "Fat Leonard"), head of the company. Already, a number of Navy and Malaysian personnel have been caught in the web. Several have already been sentenced to extensive prison stays. The Malaysians made an appearance today (October 31) in federal court.

The indictment states that the pair submitted phony claims of more than $5 million to the Navy. Then they worked to cover up the alleged frauds, according to the indictment.

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