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Beached shopping cart in P.B.

Beached shopping cart
  • Beached shopping cart

A couple of CVS shopping carts made a mysterious appearance at the pump house at the end of Loring Street in Pacific Beach. They showed up a couple of weeks ago, down at the bottom of the stairs heading to the beach. Someone recently carried one of them back up the stairs but left it there.

There is a company that drives around and picks up shopping carts and returns them to their store. Their website is cartretrieval.net. However, they only pick up carts for stores that have contracted with them. Since they never came to pick up these two carts after I filled out a report online, it appears that CVS is not one of the stores that has a contract with them.

A search of the CVS website found no mention of how to report a lost cart. There is not a “Contact Us” email address on the site.

I tried to report it to the manager of the Bird Rock CVS. I asked if I could report the missing carts to her. “No,” she replied. “We have nothing to do with carts off the property. Sometimes people bring them back, but we do not go get them.” I asked if there was a corporate phone number I could call. “No, I don’t have a corporate number. There is nothing I can do to help you.” She declined to give me her name.

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With all of the bad publicity that CVS gets due to its heavy reliance on selling booze, I'd have expected that manager to at least pretend to care, and accept the report. A manager saying that she had no corporate number is ludicrous. Of course she has a number, and if it's not corporate, it is a district or regional office!

If CVS gets "bad publicity for it's heavy reliance on selling booze", what does it mean for BevMo?

BevMo is what it is. They don't claim to be providing a public service or a "needed" product. I really doubt that BevMo has shopping carts scattered around the neighborhoods.

I've been a customer for years, but I couldn't find an email address on cvs.com, either. But their customer support number is 1-800-746-7287.

With all that effort, you should've just returned those carts back to CVS yourself.

Most cities have an ordinance that deals with shopping carts. The stores are responsible for all carts that end up off site. They have to have a cart retrieval process or they can be subject to large fines per wayward cart. Of course this is San Diego and they probably don't have such an ordinance.

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