Mission Valley is no Napa Valley

Plus letters on the n-word, Faulconer, and concert-going old farts

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Trying to Become Tierrasanta

Perhaps this article should have had the following title: “When They Provide Freeway Access to Your Giant Development.” Five-thousand new homes being built and the 10-15,000 residents don’t want better access? Make the developer spend some of that $50 million promised for road improvements. Make it link up to the Franklin Ridge road on the edge of the development to affect walkability less.

Don’t tread on us

Don’t tread on us

So far, the only thing Civita has to walk to is a dog park. Civita is trying to become like Tierrasanta by not allowing through roads that were planned to be built.

The city and the developer will probably try to make Via Alta go through since most of the homes there have been built and sold already.

  • Paul Anthony
  • Grantville

A Green, Sustainable, Walkable Village

Re: “A Road through Your Urban Village"

Boo-hoo, the residents of yet another Mission Valley monstrosity haphazardly cloaked under a thin veneer of tired buzzwords (“green,” “sustainable,” “walkable,” “village”) are crying foul that the same hideous growth they’re enabling is falling victim to growth-related problems.

Mission Valley itself is no Napa Valley, but what it is is a large and bland concrete slab with its perpetually congested traffic herded around like cattle — and that’s all it’s ever gonna be. Let’s not fool ourselves with maudlin-yet-romantic fear-mongering like “thrusting a sword through [the development’s] heart.” Please.

As for extolling the joys of public transit, get back to me when you’re living south of the 8 and working north of the 52 without your own car.

  • Nichole Fullerton
  • City Heights

Joke of a Measure

Re: “Faulconer Goes Nuts,” SD on the QT

Thank you! The sarcasm is beautiful and spot on! Just the boost of levity I needed in my state of anger, disgust, and disbelief that our “astute” (lol) mayor endorsed this joke of a ballot measure.

  • Linda Castaneda
  • North Park


Birth of a Nation 1.0

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Watch Your Language

I just want to make you aware that you might want to stop using racist language in your movie reviews. Just because you dirty, white motherf—ers don’t like The Birth of a Nation doesn’t give you the right to throw out expletives. You were just looking for a reason to use the word “nigger.”

That’s fine. Mess around and get caught, and someone’s going to bust your motherf—in’ head. That’s the main reason why [Nate Parker] came out with that movie, because of ignorant motherf—ers like you. So, that’s a message to your bitch-ass movie reviewers to watch your f—in’ language. I don’t know which one of the idiots did it, Matthew Lickona, Scott Marks, or Duncan Shepherd — it seems like all three rigged it. Eat a dick, you f—n’ honkies.

  • Name withheld
  • via voicemail

Valley View Casino Center

Valley View Casino Center

Why I Don’t Look in the Mirror

I just read Overheard in San Diego in the October 6 issue of the Reader with the caption, “He looks like he did 30 years ago! Wait, what does that say about me?

Whenever I go to a concert to see Joe Cocker (R.I.P.) or Randy Newman, or an A.M.S.D. concert, I look around and think to myself, Look at all these old farts here! Well, that is why I don’t look in the mirror very often.

  • Allen Stanko
  • Alpine

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