Chargers advertising — lies, lies, lies

Maas now tells the whoppers

Fred Maas

Fred Maas

Fred Maas, special advisor to Chargers chief Dean Spanos, is now the team's designated prevaricator. Maas claims in ads that the team's stadium proposal (Measure C) won't cost San Diegans a dime unless they stay in hotels. Spanos and the team's former prevaricator-in-chief, Mark Fabiani, have said this for a long time.

Do not believe it. First, corporate sports beggars always understate costs and overstate potential revenue when trying to pick taxpayers' pockets. That's why taxpayers generally pay at least 70 percent of a stadium's costs. The Chargers say the public contribution for the convadium would be $1.1 billion. Actually, it would be $2.3 billion over the life of the bonds. The cost of moving the bus depot has been understated. Somehow, a thousand parking spaces would have to be created — and paid for. The Chargers will pay no rent under this proposal. They would only pay for public safety costs during games and operations and maintenance. But get this: the Chargers' operations and maintenance costs would be reduced by revenue from non-football events. You hear the Chargers saying that the stadium will be used for rock concerts and the like. But such events could REDUCE city income.

If the increase in the hotel tax to 16.5 percent, along with the homeless problem and increasing temperatures, dent tourism revenue, as is possible, the arithmetic will be thrown out of whack. A slowing economy will do the same. Look at it this way: if the city raises the hotel tax to 16.5 percent, the increased fund flow (around $100 million a year initially) could go to infrastructure — fixing streets, planning for a water crisis, improving police and fire protection, and the like. It is likely that revenues won't pay for this project as promised. The city could default on the project's debt, tap taxpayers, or cut back critical infrastructure work.

Maas also claims that the project won't touch the general fund. More double-talk. It will if hotel revenues fall short. And measure C does not prohibit use of the general fund.

Recently, the Chargers said they will pick up more costs in an utterly meaningless (but widely-touted) "agreement" with a downtown corporate welfare group. That is just an "October surprise" to seduce voters before the November vote. There is talk that the Chargers know they will lose this November, but intend to make a deal with the mayor to try again with a plan encompassing the so-called concessions made in that "deal." Only fools will fall for that.

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Fred Maas is a weasel (however, I apologize to any and all weasels offended by that remark).

I watched while local television reporters bravely went to the Q to ask Chargers fans about the measure. Not surprisingly they all lined up behind it.

Who says journalism is dead?

MichaelValentine. That sounds like San Diego media. The reporter probably won an in-house prize. One reason for the success of the stadium scam in many cities is so-called journalism like this. Best, Don Bauder

aardvark: We have 36 acres that, some years, are invaded by ground squirrels and/or prairie dogs. We ask the gods to give us some weasels to go down the holes and root out the rascals. Alas, we've had only one weasel and he or she failed. Best, Don Bauder

German Gonzalez: That's a beaver. Best, Don Bauder

Gary Hjelm: I hardly think Petco Park is world class. It was for John Moores. Besides getting a $300 million subsidy, he picked up $700 million to $1 billion because the city sold him land at early 1990s prices. Petco Park is an example of a city getting scammed. Best, Don Bauder

an example of the city "leaders" allowing the tax payers get scammed is more precise .

Murphyjunk: In this instance, the taxpayers and the city are the same. Best, Don Bauder

ALL projects should have a performance bond to cover their promises and costs-overruns.

Disassemble the dissemblers.

Flapper: Agreed: disassemble the dissemblers. Some would prefer punishment more violent than simply disassembling the not-so-artful dodgers. But I am not for violence. Best, Don Bauder

Flapper:Your first effort was better. Best, Don Bauder

Ok, but what do you think about the performance bond?

Flapper: Let me think about it. Best, Don Bauder

And so the $5 million campaign of lies begins. Will they pull it off? With the sort of brain-dead voters that reside in the city (and in So County, but that's another story) this travesty may well succeed. After all, a simple Yes vote keeps the Bolts here, and it won't cost nuthin'. Well, it won't cost me nuthin'. Hey I like the Chargers, especially when I'm sober enough to know what's going on. Yeah, vote Yes and be happy!

Never underestimate the stupidity of a Chargers fan.

AlexClarke: Since "fan" is short for "fanatic," this could be true of any team's followers. Best, Don Bauder

Visduh: You are seeing why these scams succeed in one city after another. The mendicant team outspends opposition by 100 to 1 or more. The press, which makes money off sports, slants the coverage, as is happening in San Diego right now. The team feeds the people baldfaced lies and it works. Best, Don Bauder

Donald Davis: The owners are all greed heads. Best, Don Bauder

Mike Murphy: Yeah, but I bet Maas rakes in a bundle of dough for his efforts. Best, Don Bauder

"I've got beachfront property in Arizona for sale" and if you'll buy that I will throw in the Golden Gate bridge for free"..

I think San Diego needs a "New Moniker" Instead of "America's Finest City"

Perhaps, "City of Suckers" would be more approbo.

SportsFan0000: City of Suckers is apt. Best, Don Bauder

Perhaps they should have a vote ask the Chargers to leave. Another team will come along

Maas, you're no wolverine. Wolverine is a friend of mine, and you're no wolverine.

CaptainObvious: But if you ASK the Chargers to leave, will they? I think they are getting ready to lose in November, then try it again, offering all the so-called "concessions." Best, Don Bauder

Flapper: Another name for a wolverine is "skunk bear." Best, Don Bauder

The biggest weasel, if memory serves me correctly.

Flapper: You say "biggest weasel" after seeing these debates between The Donald and Hillary? Best, Don Bauder

Stop with the insults against the weasels already!

Flapper: Please ship me a railroad car full of weasels. We are being invaded. Best, Don Bauder

Marc Lemieux: You will need a lot of donors to get enough to ship to L.A. Best, Don Bauder

Las Vegas just approved a multi billion dollar deal for a domed NFL Stadium. Sheldon Adelson and Mark Davis (Raiders) ... Las Vegas Raiders?!

Davis also has land in San Antonio between San Antonio and Austin for plan B The San Antonio Raiders.

Meanwhile, Dean Spanos was seen panhandling down by San Diego Election Central... Kroneke and the Rams are laughing out loud and watching the bumbling Chargers efforts to get a new deal in San Diego or LA. After the Chargers lose the San Diego referendum, the price for the Chargers as a Tenant in Kroneke's (sp?) LA stadium just went UP...

SportsFan0000: Kroenke does not want the Chargers or Dean Spanos. But he is committed to taking them if the Chargers flop in San Diego. So the Chargers obviously have a poor deal in L.A. -- one that would net them less than staying in San Diego and playing at Qualcomm. Best, Don Bauder

SportsFan0000: Yes, and get this: The major force behind a Vegas stadium is casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who is worth more than $31 billion. But Adelson won't put any of his money in it unless governments come up with $750 million. Adelson probably carries $750 million in his wallet, just in case he comes across a poker game. But he won't give a cent unless taxpayers put up $750 million.

The major newspaper in Vegas is strongly backing the project. Adelson's family owns that paper.

Ain't life among the filthy rich grand? Best, Don Bauder

Local Journalists in Texas have uncovered huge lies in the New Texas Rangers stadium finance deal before the voters...that will cost local taxpayers 1.65 Billion dollars....


SportsFan0000: The team's cost estimate is three times the realistic cost. What did you expect from a professional sports team? Honesty? Best, Don Bauder

SportsFan0000: I just read yesterday that there is significant opposition to the Texas Rangers stadium scam. The current stadium is only 22 years old. Voters seem to be split about 50-50 on the project. This is very encouraging. Best, Don Bauder

SportsFan0000: Yes, the devil is always concealed in the fine print. For instance, Measure C doesn't even commit the Chargers, or any team, to actually do the stadium in San Diego. Padres brass put together a long, garbled measure that is difficult to understand. What did you expect? Best, Don Bauder

SportsFan0000: Subsidy documents by pro sports teams almost always have lies, or huge lies. Best, Don Bauder

Mike Murphy: The convadium deal is so kinky that voters should button their wallet pockets when going into the voting booth. Best, Don Bauder

Jeff Madruga: The Green Bay arrangement, by which a number of citizens own the team, is not permitted now. Green Bay had to be grandfathered in to the NFL. It wouldn't happen today. Best, Don Bauder

Joseph Oppenheim: What does "greatness" have to do with the convadium scam? The city of San Diego has an enormous infrastructure deficit, the pension system is ailing, police and fire are inadequate. And you attach the word "greatness" to a scam that would empty the treasury even more? Please. Best, Don Bauder

Don, the inadequcies you mention are just evidence that past San Diego government and voter decisions were successful in keeping San Diego less than great.

There is no guarantee such inadequacies will be addressed meaningfully, even if the Convadium Measure fails.

I'm for keeping and attracting more people in/to San Diego who can afford and/or want to spend to improve San Diego. It's called investment and it's not either/or.

Thanks, Joseph

JosephOppenheim: I am all for investment in sports teams if the money does NOT come from taxpayers. Billionaire team owners have enough money and access to credit to finance their stadiums. They don't, because stadiums per se are not profitable. But owning a team is EXTREMELY profitable, especially if you con the taxpayers into paying for the stadium. Best, Don /bauder

The Chargers and media are really pushing Prop C. Today there was a Rivers and Faulconer press conference.

Also, 10 News had a news event at a woman's home in Chula Vista. Several Chargers players showed up to wish her well after an amputation.

I suspect the Chargers will be dispatched to visit a lot of people (people they don't bother to usually visit)... in the coming weeks.

Don: The media may be pushing it, but an editorial in today's paper recommended a NO vote on C and D.

Then again, this morning in VOSD, an "opinion" piece comes out saying that the numbers support Measure C. Of course, the opinion piece was written (I believe) by the outfit the Chargers hired to come up with those rosy numbers.

Ponzi: As I have said before, the odds favor the team in sports stadium scams. First, the owner of the team can outspend opponents by 100 to 1 or 200 to 1. Second, the local mainstream media slant their coverage in favor of the scam, because media make so much money covering sports. Best, Don Bauder

Teresa Charpentier: You may be right about Maas. There could be another angle: Dean Spanos and Mark Fabiani have stirred up so much wrath among San Diegans that Maas was the only one the team could put forward. Best, Don Bauder

Flapper: A rolling stone gathers no Maas. Best, Don Bauder

Flapper: Of curse you got outgunned. Best, Don Bauder

Does the maass of the stone affect the effect?

Flapper: I am not smart enough to figure that one out. Leave it at this: ignore anything Maas says. If the Chargers win the vote, go to Maas and pray for a recount. Again: billionaires have the money and access to credit to build their own stadiums. Best, Don Bauder

One thing I can't figure out. Do they really believe they can get a 2/3 vote? If not, what is it that I'm not getting?

Flapper: One story making the rounds is that the Chargers know they will not get 2/3rds, but will try again, touting the so-called "concessions" made to a downtown corporate welfare operation. Mayor Faulconer is supposedly in on this one. Best, Don Bauder

The citizens will get Foulconned one way or th' 'tother. Or take a Faulconning in the rear.

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