Second sex assault suit against San Diego Unified

Last time Crawford, this time Lincoln

In an October 4 lawsuit a former Lincoln High School student is accusing the school's soccer coach and part-time student-teacher of sexually assaulting her and is blaming the school district for allowing the assault to occur at the campus.

According to the complaint the female was tutored by Said Omar Cajica for math. She also worked for him as a manager on the school's soccer team. During that time the girl obtained Cajica's cell phone number and the two began corresponding via text message. In December 2015 Cajica offered to take the underage girl to a downtown nightclub (Onyx, on Fifth, in between E and F Streets) where his friend worked. He told her, reads the complaint, to dress "older" and his friend would be able to get the girl inside. Cajica reportedly picked the girl up at her parent's house at 10 p.m. and provided her with alcohol on the way to Onyx. Once inside the two continued to drink. They soon began kissing. Cajica took the girl to his house after Onyx closed and they had sexual intercourse.

Later that month Cajica again tried to have sex with the girl but she refused. Cajica allegedly began sending her inappropriate text messages. And, in February 2016, her mom discovered some of those text messages on the girl’s phone. The mother complained to school administrators and Cajica was placed on leave. Now, the girl's mother and the girl are suing the district and Cajica for the inappropriate relationship.

The lawsuit is the second complaint this year accusing San Diego Unified School District of failing to protect students from sexually charged teachers. In May 2016, the mother of a Crawford High School student sued the district after discovering that a Crawford High Spanish teacher was having a sexual relationship with her then-15-year-old son. The teacher, Toni Sutton, has since pled guilty and was sentenced to two years in prison. The lawsuit against the district is still ongoing.

In Cajica's case, it is unclear if criminal charges were filed in the case. Cajica is not listed in the sex offender's register, nor is he an inmate in any state prison.

The family is asking that a judge award them punitive and special damages.

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