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Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell and The Lost Boys

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
  • Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

I just finished watching BBC’s Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (United Kingdom, 2015, BBC). I have a soft spot for fantasy and science fiction. Plus I’m playing a sort of witch with magical powers in Moxie Theatre’s production of Peerless right now so I’ve been watching anything with dark magic. The series was so theatrical, so dark and so filled with detail that I fell instantly in love. The book was written by a female author, Susanna Clarke, and I’m all about supporting female writers. Available on Netflix and BBC America.

I remember watching The Lost Boys (USA, 1987, Warner Brothers), starring both the Coreys and the irresistible Kiefer Sutherland, with my dad. It holds a special place in my heart. I adore this twist on the Peter Pan myth of the Lost Boys. This movie is the perfect combination of 1980s teen and horror film. “My own brother, a damned blood-sucking vampire. You wait till Mom finds out, buddy.” Ha! Available on iTunes and Amazon Video.

  • Jennifer Eve Thorn
  • Founder, Moxie Theatre

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