Copley remembered in U-T

Anonomously, and four years later

David Copley
  • David Copley

In memoriam David Copley, the late Union-Tribune publisher who died at age 62 in a solo La Jolla crash of his Aston Martin on November 20, 2012 — almost four years after unloading the paper to Tom Gores, a Beverly Hills vulture capitalist — was recently remembered by an anonymous paid advertisement in the U-T’s obituary section.

“DCC you are so deeply missed,” said the message, featuring one of Copley’s famous red-velvet-jacketed, bow-tie party pictures. “J, B & R, S, C & I,” signed their initials to the note. “D says hi too.”

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If there is anything he can be remembered for, it is broken promises. He promised the employees of the Casa del Zorro that the hotel would never be sold, and then it was sold while he was still the owner. He and his mother promised that the U-T would be placed in a family trust and not be sold. David sold it at a fire sale price. Then he set about liquidating nearly all the properties he owned or controlled, including the library in La Jolla.

Those folks, who want to remain anonymous, "miss" him. Do you wonder why? I would like to know, although I suspect he played sugar daddy to many of them, and after his demise the flow ceased.

Some of them miss those trips on his luxury yacht.

Or maybe lavish gifts, or entre to his parties where the food and drink were the best available, or maybe just bragging rights.

Kinda like the "moths to the flame" behavior from the GOP people who are lining up to kiss Trump's royal ring (or lower).

Surely you meant to say "venture capitalist" when describing Platinum Equity's Tom Gores who had a brief run owning the San Diego Union-Tribune after playboy David Copley. It's true Gores dismantled the old U-T after he bought it, but he established Jeff Light as editor who has proved himself an able manager in the face of the declining fortunes of our homeless Tribune-now-tronc property.

No, Matt meant "vulture capitalist" as he wrote it. Look up "vulture" and you'll see why he used it. Gores is a predatory person.

My first reaction to your comment about Light was that you were nuts. But then it occurred to me that a few good things came out of him being editor, such as the Watchdog group that is actually going after some local sacred cows. And at least that editor's office hasn't received a revolving door, which is what could have easily happened. So I suppose the paper could actually be less effective, even in its current shrunken condition.

The promises made by them are broken always and I agree with Visduh bro, that he will be remembered for just this thing only, I am sure.

David Copley was quite the party animal who squandered much of his family fortune and had to sell of his parents legacy properties, businesses and assets to maintain his frat party boy party lifestyle that was way beyond his means in a era of shrinking newspaper revenues. David Copley gave some of his inherited money away to charities for tax write-offs. However, much of the family money disappeared as a result of a hyper-expensive 24/7/365 party boy lifestyle where he was trying to live it up like a billionaire with a rapidly shrinking fortune in the low hundreds of millions and flat lining yearly revenues....Picking up the tab for a huge group of upscale grifters, glorified entourage/panhandlers wanting to "taste the good life" can and will drain even the biggest bank accounts, fortunes and trust funds. Ask any number of entertainment industry figures, sports figures etc who end up completely broke and upside down financially when the spending finally catches up with the spendthrift lifestyle that they could not afford. David Copley's death was unfortunate and untimely....Perhaps it was better to end suddenly then to painfully watch him crash and burn in bankruptcy court and crashing on a friend's couch. His family, especially his mother Helen, did some good for the area and Region and many appreciate that. However, the UT should have been turned over to a "good local steward" for that community asset. Letting the UT deteriorate and go down in flames is painful to watch and the community loses a potential asset (if that asset was used for the entire community and not just a handful of exploiters with their own political agendas)..

Inherited money is like tax money spent by politicians. It was not earned by them, so they spend it like a drunken sailor.

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