All Trump, all the time

Letters about our cover story on the new President-elect (and a few others)

Commie Propaganda

The Trump Thanksgiving article is communist propaganda. I will never pick up a copy of The Communist Reader again and will tell everyone to do the same. The editor and employees of this toilet paper rag all wear the mark 666 — hell’s bells communists!

  • Name withheld
  • Rancho Santa Fe

So much for free range

So much for free range

Jug-Eared What?!

Regarding your “Happy Trumspgiving!” story in the Thanksgiving Day Reader.

Your sniveling little coward, Walter Mencken, who hides behind pictures of Cary Grant and doesn’t have the guts to show his own picture is pretty free with insults of Trump — and Reagan and Nixon, who are dead and cannot defend themselves — and Lyndon Johnson, for that matter. But I don’t notice the sniveling little coward daring to insult the jug-eared jigaboo in the White House or the wicked witch that was running for president, or her husband, Slick Willy.

Okay, asshole, if you’re so brave let’s see you insult a few Democrats.

  • Name withheld
  • via voicemail

Underground Humor

Thank you for courageously printing a brilliant satire by Walter Mencken ("Happy Trumpsgiving!”). It reminded me of how much intelligent, witty humor is essential to uplift our nation’s spirit. It’s important! Without the underground humor I’m not sure how many of us would have survived those long, dark years in a communist regime Czechoslovakia (before moving to San Diego in 1986 and becoming U.S. a citizen).

Thanks again. I wrote a poem if you want to publish it:

I Wish…

  • I wish I was a puppy, running in a happy circle, without a voting power
  • The elections broke my heart; News make my throat bitter and my speech
  • sour
  • I wish I was a star, shining from a safe distance in the galaxy far,
  • far, far away
  • Instead, I’m here on Earth – a little human lost in God’s huge hands.
  • Who shall I pray?
  • I wish I was a blind, newborn kitten who can’t tell blue from red
  • Unfortunately I can read the map; and the headlines…I will never
  • forget!
  • I wish I was a baby tasting the sweetness of his mother’s milk dripping
  • from a nipple
  • But all I have is yoga to uplift my spirit, when psychotic dictator is
  • after a poor man’s nickel
  • I wish I was a river flowing freely through the countries, without need
  • of a visa, or a pension
  • SOS — is any mantra powerful enough to dissolve the worries of our
  • distressed nation?
  • I wish I was living a thousand years ago, walking on a sandy beach on an
  • island in a tropic sphere
  • Nice dream. But we have to rise up from this Trump-trap-crap; our life,
  • friends and families are here
  • I wish that people living in the USA would honor its country’s origin, its
  • glory and its name;
  • electing a president who
  • serves people; instead of one chasing power,
  • chasing women and chasing fame
  • Can you imagine a White House puppy chewing up flyers, banners, and
  • tearing up hat after hat?
  • Then lifting a leg to pee…so nobody would wear! It would stink, turning
  • brown; instead of red
  • I wish…
  • Jaruska Solyova
  • La Jolla

Mr. Peabody's

Mr. Peabody's

Taken as Racist

Jay Allen Sanford’s cartoon that is in the paper (Overheard in San Diego, November 17) I take as very racist. I think it’s in reverse, that we’re coming out of a “Highway to Hell” and going to better ground.

I’m sure Mr. Sanford must be black to put something like that in there.

  • John
  • via voicemail

Don’t Jog in Balboa Park Alone

The Roam-O-Rama article on the Balboa Park loop was very good. I have run on these trails for over 50 years. I need to tell those who do not know these trails that, over the years, there have been many dead bodies found in these woods, not to mention beatings and robberies that have occurred. Many of the murders remain unsolved. I really hope that joggers will run in a group, or at least with one other person.

  • Name withheld
  • via voicemail

Last Hope for Nestor Creek

Get It Done is such a good idea; I am so disappointed it doesn’t work.

My neighbors and I have been trying to solve a problem with a homeless tent city that has grown up in a beautiful little creek valley. The creek has been savaged by the city’s housing policies. This tiny vacant lot is the last section of natural waterway left untouched (sort of) by “progress.” I have lived along the bank of Nestor Creek for over 20 years and been dismayed as the city has allowed multiple high-density “affordable” housing projects along this waterway. “Improvements” like draining the water from the stream and diverting it, sending it to water reclamation for sale as gray water. Flood abatement has wiped out our wildlife. These are protected wetlands!

These projects have increased the population in my area a hundredfold, increased crime and graffiti, caused parking problems for residents, and made our roads hopeless. What’s left of the creek is caged by chain link and concrete. It’s a travesty, especially since the EPA has been an active participant — all subsidized by “our” government. Residents have used this area as a natural open space/park as long as anyone can remember.

The latest is the growth of a homeless camp that the city has not been able to control for three months. The area is destroyed. The residents of the camp refuse to vacate and have, in fact, erected a fence of plastic to keep us out. They have accepted money from and allowed construction debris to be dumped on the site, and imported bags of trash from local dumpsters to inspect for whatever they like and leave the rest laying around. It looks like a dump (it is!), not to mention the pollution of the actual creek bed with human feces, urine, rotten food, and trash where many tents are erected.

The city posted the site and washed their hands of the affair. “We have done what we can do.” They suggested I contact Environmental Services, but I have witnessed their concern for the environment previously. The Get It Done site was my last hope for action/assistance with finding a solution. Maybe someone will see my letter and will have suggestions.

  • Karen Bartlett
  • Nestor

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Dear Mr. Withheld, You wrote, "Okay, [Mencken], if you’re so brave let’s see you insult a few Democrats." But you also accused me of insulting Lyndon Johnson, a Democrat. The story also mentioned Kennedy, another Democrat. And this line: "And if Trump had an ounce of sense, he would have put a cigar on the podium during the Clinton debates and left it at that" seems a pretty clear reference to "Slick Willy" — also a Democrat. Cheers, and thanks for reading.

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