Two ex-officers stiffed the Marines

Major bilked military of $205,000

Former Marine Major Jason Wild, a reservist, was convicted by a federal jury today (November 22) of participating in a four-year-long conspiracy that fleeced the United States Marine Corps of more than $205,000.

Wild falsely claimed that he rented the home of fellow reservist Lieutenant Colonel Michael K. Strom so Wild could claim reimbursement from the military when he was called to active duty at Camp Pendleton. In turn, Strom falsely claimed that he was renting Wild's home from Wild's friend.

Wild and Strom submitted phony lease agreements and rental receipts. But each man owned his own home near Camp Pendleton and never paid any of the claimed rent. The jury deliberated 35 minutes before convicting Wild of wire fraud and making false claims. Strom pleaded guilty in late October of the same violations.

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Wow. The Corps likes to see itself as squeaky-clean, and straight up. These two had plenty of rank, and every reason to want to protect what they had. Even though they were reservists, I find this pretty far "out there." When the Marines were looking for those few good men, they missed the boat with these two.

Visduh. I am happy to see the federal government cracking down. Best, Don Bauder

MIke Murphy. THis kind of military milking of the public purse is old hat', and reform is welcome. BEst, Don Bauder

Come up with something cheerful.

Cheers, Flapper

PS: Rank is a type of stink.

Flapper. Something cheerful? Sure. These guys are going to get punished. Best, Don Bauder

Greedy, greedy, greedy. Were these Officers and piggys convicted in a civil Federal Court?

They should forfeit their pensions.

MIchaelValentine. IT was federal criminal court. THey could do time. BEst, Don Bauder

Peanuts compared to what their superiors get away with.

Flapper: True -- with rank goes privileges. But is thievery one of those privileges? Alas, in some San Diego cases, it is. Best, Don Bauder

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