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Not There This Week

On page two you usually have a comic (Obermeyer). I don’t see it this week (November 10). I was just curious what happened, if whoever writes it doesn’t do it anymore or what, cause I look for that every week.

  • Barry Waldman
  • via voicemail

Obermeyer runs every other week. — Editor

Read It

Re: Poetry, November 10, “Stain” and “Spoken on the Birth of my Daughter.”

You call that poetry? Read it!

  • Name withheld
  • via email

Classical Music Hip for Our Day and Age

Occasionally you have little blurbs about the San Diego Opera, and you have pretty good music reviewers. I was surprised that none of them wrote about the loss of the Chinese opera group called Lin Wah.

They are a Chinese opera group that has been around for a long time. I guess they lost funding. They were mostly seniors — even octogenarians! It was my hope that the San Diego opera would adopt Chinese opera into their repertoire, as we have so many fantastic Asian and Asian-American musicians, conductors, and directors in all our different orchestras. They have such a huge volume of material, and it is awesome.

I invite you to check out Lin Wah on Youtube. These guys are great. Sure, Wagner ... Adams, he’s great ... Phillip Glass, awesome. But there’s a huge repertoire of really interesting-sounding music with interesting stories and almost drag-queenlike make-up and androgynous. It’s really pretty hip for our day and age.

Anyway, that’s what I was hoping I would see in your paper.

  • Tony
  • via voicemail

Print It in the U-T

I just saw Don Bauder’s article of October 20. What an excellent article that was. I would love to see it in printed in the [Union-Tribune] so that other people could see the whole situation here.

  • Mary Swift
  • via voicemail

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