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A dinner with the engaging and engaged Scott Peters — $2700 a plate
  • A dinner with the engaging and engaged Scott Peters — $2700 a plate

An old Bill Clinton White House hand has shown up in the WikiLeaks dump of Hillary Clinton campaign honcho John Podesta’s emails, singing the free-trade praises of La Jolla Democratic House member Scott Peters. “I hope you can join me later this month for a small dinner with Congressman Scott Peters, a good friend. The dinner will be held on Thursday, September 17th at 6:30 pm at Bistro Bis, in the Hotel George at 15 E Street NW,” says the September 2, 2015, $2700-a-plate fundraiser invitation from Nelson Cunningham, Clinton’s ex–special advisor to the president for Western Hemisphere affairs. He now works for McLarty Associates, a self-styled global business consulting firm formerly known as Kissinger-McLarty.

“Congressman Peters was one of only 28 House Democrats who voted for Trade Promotion Authority this summer, and he has been targeted by some of our fellow Democrats as a result. He deserves our strong support for his courageous vote.” Peters, the email notes, is “a member of the New Democrat Coalition and the No Labels Caucus. Because of San Diego’s location, he is deeply engaged in immigration and border and port infrastructure issues. You’ll find Scott engaging and engaged, and we hope to see you for dinner.”

McLarty Associates, run by Bill Clinton’s ex–White House chief of staff Mack McLarty, made news last month when Politico reported that another of the firm’s partners, former Reagan administration official Richard Burt, had a major role in drafting GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s first big foreign-policy speech this past spring while at the same time lobbying on behalf of New European Pipeline AG, run by Russian state-owned oil giant Gazprom, controlled in turn by Russian Federation president Vladimir Putin.

Said Politico, “The pipeline, opposed by the Polish government and the Obama administration, would complement the original Nord Stream, allowing more Russian gas to reach central and western European markets while bypassing Ukraine and Belarus, extending Putin’s leverage over Europe.” The McLarty firm got $365,000 for its work on behalf of the pipeline in the first two quarters of this year, Politico added.

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A NAFTA free trade story: Back when NAFTA was promoted as a job creator for American workers I worked for a San Diego based trucking company. NAFTA was supposed to allow cross border trucking. We, the dumb truck drivers, thought great! we will be able to expand our customer base by being able to deliver to Baja California. Of course, as it turned out, NAFTA was a one way street going North only.. While we were thinking Free Trade was going to help us stupid working stiffs the Company was looking into parking all their trucks in Tijuana and replacing us with low wage Mexican truck drivers to operate the fleet of over 300 trucks. Fortunately for us the corruption in Mexico was so rampant the Company gave up the idea. While this is but a small example it is emblematic of how “free trade” works against the American worker. Free Trade only benefits the wealthy company owners and investors.

yes indeed. Thank you Bill Clinton and GWBush for "putting America first", namely themselves and their pals.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I recall a special provision in the actual implementation of disastrous NAFTA that prohibited Mexican trucks and truckers from roadways in CA and maybe the entire USA. I don't think this ever changed. I also recall that then-Congressman Bob Filner was key to making sure that was the way things worked: no (uninspected unsafe) Mexican trucks and no (amphetamine-wired) Mexican truck drivers allowed to cross the border.)

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