Hate-watching Marvel movies in favor of reading comic books

Liked. Past tense.

Dear Hipster:

So, the new Captain America movie is doing pretty well in theaters, having earned some three-hundred-million dollars or so as I write this, which I assume means it has a cross-cultural appeal. Still, everything has its core demographic, and I assume the Marvel movies appeal to comic fans. I don’t want to talk about movies that much, but I was wondering, as a rule, do hipsters like comic books?

— Wes

Hipsters, as a rule, liked comics. Past tense. The metaphorical body of a long-dead fanboy lies buried deep within the universal hipster consciousness; the dusty bones obscured beneath endless strata of obscure music, tattoos, angst-ridden collegiate relationships, hoppy beer, skinny jeans, kale smoothies, and way too much irony to appreciate anything as woefully sincere as a superhero comic. There may have been a time (before they were hipsters) when most hipsters would have been glad to tell you all about the Black Panther, but the burden of hipstertude condemns reading comic books in favor of hate-watching Marvel movies and pointing out the irony of a comic-book character with the same name as the BPP being popular longer than the BPP itself.

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