Death times

Go to work or go free?

Kermit Alexander
  • Kermit Alexander

Yet another try to hurry up executions on California’s death row has drawn $12,500 from the San Diego Police Officers Association’s political action committee. In addition to hastening their demise, the measure would put death-row inmates to work while they waited.

The initiative was submitted for signature-gathering last year by retired NFL star Kermit Alexander, who lost four family members in a bungled 1984 contract killing. A measure to repeal the death penalty is being backed by M.A.S.H. star Mike Farrell.

A previous Farrell attempt to do away with execution in 2012 drew the backing of a host of La Jolla Democrats, including billionaire Qualcomm founder Irwin Jacobs and the San Diego chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, which kicked in $100,000.

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The death penalty should be eliminated. Not because there is a chance that some innocent person could be killed or that life is precious or for religious reasons or because it is cruel and unusual punishment but because it costs too much. In death penalty cases there are automatic appeals which, on average, take 5 years just to assign an attorney. It costs 3 times more to house a "death row" inmate and it takes 20 -25 years to finally rid ourselves of these worthless human trash. Most death row inmates die of natural causes due to old age. The death sentence is not a deterrent because it takes too long to execute the bad guy that all those who his death may have acted as a deterrent are too old to remember.

So you don't have a problem if a few innocent people are killed, just as long as we're sure to get all the bad guys as quickly as possible?

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