One big farce

Readers weigh in on the presidential candidates

Who will be San Diego's choice this November?
  • Who will be San Diego's choice this November?

Bernie as Moe

Thank you for highlighting the absurdity of the 2016 Presidential follies. Instead of voters casting ballots for the candidates, Hollywood should be casting them in a Three Stooges movie with Bernie Sanders as Moe, Hillary Clinton as Larry, Ted Cruz as Shemp, Donald Trump as Curly, and Marco Rubio as Curly Joe.

Out of a quarter billion people, are they really the best we can do?

  • Wayne Towers
  • San Carlos

Who is the least terrible?

Who is the least terrible?

The Decline of Western Civilization

What have you been doing, reading my mind? I pick up a copy of your March 24th issue and what do I find? I find your front page announcing what I was beginning to feel was an awareness that seems to totally escape most of what’s left of we Americans. What I saw, of course, was the colorful proclamation that Trump, Bernie, and Hillary are all one big farce.

There it was. And even though many of those you interviewed don’t seem to know what is actually happening, this certainly does seem to be one of those cases where the leading headline tells it all.

Reader poll

Who are you voting for?

  • Donald Trump 13%
  • Hillary Clinton 20%
  • Bernie Sanders 44%
  • Ted Cruz 5%
  • John Kasich 0%
  • Undecided 9%
  • I'm not going to vote 9%

55 total votes.

I could only add that, considering what has been happening in America, and in Europe, and just about everywhere in today’s world, there is little doubt that we are all in deep trouble. The question is, will this be just another of those temporary, historic setbacks, or is this one going to be the beginning of the decline of Western civilization?

That, my friend, is the real question, isn’t it? The next question, of course, is, What is the answer going to be? Any thoughts? Anyone? Anyone at all.

  • Jonathan West
  • Pacific Beach

Menace to Society

Re: SD on the QT, March 24, “Polly Want a Pellet?

Children who abuse and/or kill birds animals statistically end up being menaces to society. To use the parrot killings as a mockery, and give the kid a kudos for good aim is shameful and infantile. Shame on you.

  • Blair
  • Point Loma

Drive Less

Richard Robertson (“Helping a Trivial Number,” Letters, March 17) is obviously biased to promote more cars and driving. Bicyclists are entitled to share the road with cars. It’s a law now. And residents want walkable streets and neighborhoods.

Little Italy is easily accessible by transit, as well as on foot or by bicycle. The “real” vast majority of San Diegans want to breath clean, healthy air that results from reducing our dependency on cars. Why not drive less and enjoy life more?

  • Helen
  • Encinitas

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