Jail diplomas in demand

Please apply, if you can teach for free

San Diego County Jail
  • San Diego County Jail

San Diego County jail is looking for some new education providers for its incarcerated citizens. “The current program services allow inmates to increase their level of education, teach practical life skills, and teach a trade or marketable job skills which help facilitate the transition of offenders back to their communities,” says a February 26 request for information.

Would-be candidates are asked to “describe your organization’s experience in providing academic programs to the target population.” Other queries include, “does your organization have the capacity to deliver services in multiple languages and to offenders’ diverse literacy levels?” The most important question appears to be: “Is your organization capable of providing academic programs at no cost to the County?”

San Diego’s city ethics commission, which issued just 5 stipulations and orders in 2015 compared with 17 the year before, is on the hunt for a new Investigative Program Manager. “Under the direction of the Commission’s Executive Director, this position is responsible for overseeing and implementing all aspects of the Commission’s investigations into alleged violations of the City’s campaign, lobbying, and ethics laws,” says a job post on the city’s website.

“This position is also responsible for participating in settlement negotiations and preparing cases for administrative hearing. Although this position does not currently involve supervisory responsibilities, it may in the future.” With an annual salary of between $80,000 and $110,000, the job’s application deadline is April 22.

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Maybe some Readerwriters could moonlight over at the ethics commission providing grist for the mill, since the tally of actionable items seems to be down by a dozen "stipulations and orders" in the last year. Is it possible everyone is better behaved under Mayor Sunny?

Or perhaps no one was looking very hard?

“Is your organization capable of providing academic programs at no cost to the County?”


Many non-profit organizations are subsidized by government/taxpayers in large part anyway, so maybe the "County" just wants someone else to pay.

Or maybe they're moving the "teacher" budget item over to the Chargers donation budget item?

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