Glue as record cleaner?

Get your groove-cleaning on

Keep a bottle next to your record player
  • Keep a bottle next to your record player

Dear Hipster:

I found a great solution to a common hipster problem, and I thought that I’d share it with you, and by extension the Reader’s readers. Did you know you can clean your vinyl records with Elmer’s glue? Spread a thin coat of glue over the record’s surface (not the label), and then peel it off when it’s almost completely dry, but still flexible enough. Perhaps you remember doing the same thing to your hand as a little kid so that it looked like you were peeling your skin off? Anyways, the glue can really pull stubborn dust and grime out of record grooves. I figure this is a must-have trick in the hipster’s arsenal!

— Nat, Golden Hill

Anyone wanting to try this at home, please don’t write me if you gum up your Soft Parade first pressings. This is probably one of those things that everybody knew how to do in the ’70s but which had been forgotten by the ’90s, and which seems like the cleverest shit in the world to present-day hipsters. Still, it’s a goodie. Thanks.

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