Talking Art Bastard

A Q&A with the film’s star and co-producer

Taking on the crowd at the Angelika Film Center: Chris Concannon, Robert Cenedella, and Scott Marks
  • Taking on the crowd at the Angelika Film Center: Chris Concannon, Robert Cenedella, and Scott Marks

You’ve heard of surrealism in the movies? Here’s a case of surrealism at the movies. Halfway to the lobby, with eyes half-adjusted to the light, you find the subject of the film you just exited standing there as if to greet you.

Audience members leaving Sunday’s early bird showing of Art Bastard at the Angelika Film Center experienced just that when presented with the documentary’s star, Robert Cenedella, shaking hands and passing out “I Like Ludwig” buttons.

It was two weeks to the hour that Bob and I had concluded our splendid phone interview. He signed off with, “One day I hope to have a beer with you.” Bob’s a man of his word. Scheduled to be in Santa Monica to host a handful of screenings, Bob and company decided to add another hundred miles or show to the promotional band wagon with a stop at Carmel Mountain.

Q&A with Chris Concannon, Scott Marks, & Robert Cenedella

One wonders if anyone in the All-American late-morning breakfast crowd at the Broken Yolk knew that just a few feet away sat a radical leftie provocateur dining on biscuits and hash, eagerly waiting for the waitress to bring on the ham.

Accompanying Bob at both screenings was his ebullient wife, Liz, and co-producer Chris Concannon. After each one audiences poured into the lobby, keeping Bob talking long after the Q&A had ended. It did a heart good.

“You want that beer?” I asked just minutes before the second show was about to wrap. “Sure!” smiled Bob. Bob was doing most of the heavy lifting. By the time this portion of the discussion rolled around, my brew was long gone.

Deep bows to PR guru Isil Bagdadi, the film’s distributor, CAVU Pictures, and the Angelika’s Lindsay and Jo Jo for their efforts in bringing it together. A special thanks to those who spent part of their sweltering Sunday afternoon enjoying a cool cat and the Angelika’s air conditioning. And big hugs to Carla Dacapias for the video.

You wonder why I love this guy and the film he rode in on? Listen to Chris’ heartfelt insights into a man whose story he’s spent ten years of his life trying to bring to the screen. We missed you yesterday. Don’t miss this movie!

We begin with a question from the audience asking Bob why he took a ten-year vacation from painting.

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