Kayaks high and dry at Emerald Cove

Cliff slide at Pine Cone

June 17

— Surfing accident at Santa Rita PL. on a 14 y/o male with a knee injury. LGs and Fire respond. Medic 1 handles the call and transports patient to unknown destination.

— Cliff rescue at Valentines slides. Individuals try to walk up the cliff and are PA by LG unit. The people continue up the cliff and go clear. 31 Sam UTL.

— Neck pain at San Gabriel and Capistrano PL. LGs and Fire respond. 56 y/o female head to the bottom. Medic 6 transports patient to Sharp Memorial.

— 22 y/o male with a possible dislocated shoulder from a surfing accident. LGs and Fire respond. Medic 51 to Scripps La Jolla.

— Cliff slide at Pine Cone. LGs 31 Sam and Blacks Beach crew respond. Slide was described was approx. two city buses long and no one reported in the area in danger according to RP’s and witnesses in the area.

— Fall at mission beach on a 7 month old Female from Mom’s trip. LGs and Fire respond. Engine 21 AMAs patient.

June 16

— 911 Caller reporting fuel in water at A Dock in Driscoll’s Marina. LG 24 Sam responds with Rescue 5, meets RP and smells light odor of diesel. No source found and info is passed to day crew.

— Stingray victim north of Scripps Pier. Unit 3 and Unit 33 respond. Lifeguards treat patient at tower and release.

— Laceration to hand at tower 19. Unit 24, 21 Sam, Medic 21 and Engine 21 respond. Medics transport to Scripps.

— Exhausted 15 year old female at Black’s Beach. Unit 35 and Medic 35 respond. Victim transported to top of Blackgold Rd. and given to Medics. Unknown destination.

— Medical aid by Boomer Beach. Boomer Lifeguard requests medics for 18 year old male with knee injury. 3Sam and Medic 9 respond.

— Report of person who fell into flood control channel at 2760 Creekside Village Sq. 3 K and SDPD respond. RP states person fell from tree into flood control channel and no longer sees person. Lifeguards cancel after its confirmed channel has no water.

— Report of dog drowning and person hurt at Bonita Cove on a boat. Dog is with RP and PD makes a meet. Nobody found onboard the boat. Rescue 5, 3 K, 123 V and 124 Sam respond.

June 15

— HP towed an unattached vessel trailer that was left on the street. The trailer had already been cited a few days earlier for the same offense.

— Eye injury at La Jolla Shores Tower. Medic 9, Engine 9 and 31 Sam respond. Patient AMAs for private transport to hospital.

— Report of Leg pain at South Shores Boat Launch. Marine 1, Engine 20 and Medic 45 respond. Medics transport to Mercy.

— Report of person with altered LOC at 3146 Mission Blvd. 2 Alpha and Medic 45 respond. Medics transport to Mercy.

June 14

— Dog bite at Voltaire St. RP requests Lifeguards to stop owner of dog who bite him. Lifeguards gather info from dog owner and bitten party AMA

— Call reported as woman down in bathrooms at Crown Point Shores. Engine 16, Medic 20, 42 Sam and Marine 1 respond. Woman down was sleeping as per Crown Point Lifeguard. All units clear.

— Call reported of Man down at 5100 Narragansett Ave. Engine 22, Medic 20, 1 Sam and Unit 100 respond. Person was found asleep and no medical assistance needed.

— Call reported of altered level of consciousness at San Rafael Place on the beach. 2 Alpha, 21 Sam, Engine 21 and Medic 9 respond. Possible ETOH on board. Medics transport to Scripps La Jolla.

June 13

— HP was dispatched to investigate a vessel in the Harbor Police guest docks that had been discharging sewage into the bay. After an investigation it was found that the owner of the vessel failed to switch his valves so that his sewage would go into his holding tank and not pumped overboard. The USCG and Dept. of Fish and Wildlife were contacted and the case has been forwarded to the City Attorney for possible prosecution.

— 31 Sam, R 43, 5 L and 3 Sam respond to two uninjured people stuck on the cliff at the Boundary Line. Both victims rescued and command terminated at 1649.

— R West, 21-Sam and U-32 respond to three kayaks, which were “high and dry” at Emerald Cove. R-West clears them.

— Cove X, 21Sam, U 32, Medic 9 and E 13 respond to 47 y/o woman with an injured ankle at Coast Blvd and Girard. M 9 to Scripps La Jolla.

— Scripps X, U 33, 31 S, E 9 and Medic 3 respond to swimmer in distress off Green Wall at LJS. 23 y/o female victim syncope episode, so medics requested. Patient AMAs.

— PD reports two possible jumpers on Ventura Bridge. R West and G1 respond. Suspects climb down from bridge. LGs clear.

June 12

— HP responded to a vessel experiencing mechanical problems near Harbor Island. HP vessel crews towed the boat to safety because it was getting close to the rip rap rocks.

— HP responded to an adrift dinghy near the rocks on Harbor Island. HP retrieved the dinghy and impounded it at the HP impound dock.

San Diego Lifeguards are a 24 hour rescue agency whose responsibilities include water rescue, boat rescue, marine fire suppression, coastal cliff rescue, underwater search and recovery, swift water and flood search, rescue and emergency medical response. San Diego Lifeguards also handle enforcement of city, state and federal laws and regulations. Lifeguards are classified as peace officers with the power of arrest.

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