SHARK! No, dolphin

Arturo Baravalle
  • Arturo Baravalle

Name: Arturo Baravalle

Age: 26

Occupation: tennis coach

Favorite surf spot: PB Point

On a foggy Tuesday morning, Arturo Baravalle suited up to surf La Jolla Shores. Baravalle moved to San Diego last June with the sole intention of learning how to surf. He is originally from Argentina. He was recruited to play tennis in New York.

“This is my first time surfing at La Jolla Shores. I usually surf in PB. I am excited! It looks good out there,” Baravalle says with a smile while assessing the waves.

Baravalle admits that when he first started surfing he was terrible. He taught himself by watching YouTube videos and getting in the water as much as possible. Living in PB, Baravalle estimates that he surfs at least four times a week.

“So far, I haven’t had any issues with other surfers in the water. When I started, I went to friendly surf spots, like Tourmaline. I stayed away from the crowds.”

Baravalle says he experienced one terrifying moment in the water back in June, “My scariest experience was the first time I saw dolphins out there. I didn’t know the difference between dolphin fins and shark fins. I started freaking out!”

Baravalle alternates between surfing on a longboard and a fish.

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