Harbor Police stop runaway cruiser

Passengers removed while underway

June 6

— HP responded to a medical emergency aboard a vessel in the Laurel Street Anchorage (A-3). The subject was taken off his vessel and transported to shore to an awaiting ambulance.

— HP was contacted by a victim in a north SD Bay Marina requesting a theft report which involved an unknown subject entering his vessel and taking his prescription medication.

June 5

— HP responded to a vessel taking on water in South Bay San Diego. Upon arrival, the small fishing boat was swamped at the stern and was being towed by a Good Samaritan towards a Fiddlers Cove Marina. Two HP vessels took the boat alongside and began educting the water to keep it afloat. Once it was stabilized, the vessel was taken to the National City Launch ramp where HP assisted getting it onto a trailer.

— HP issued a citation to a boater for speeding in the 5 MPH zone area of South Bay San Diego around the Chula Vista Channel.

— Call from Bonita Cove lifeguards reporting a female in the woman’s bathroom smoking drugs and harassing people. 4 Sam and SDPD respond, SDPD handles.

— Complaint over PWC a rental company representing themselves as his company. 4 Sam and a lifeguard rescue vessel respond. Parties exchange information and clear.

— Jet skis overturned in the surf off tower 10. 2 Sam, Jet 2 and a lifeguard rescue vessel respond. Citations are issued to the operators and lifeguards operate the skis outside the surf line then turn over to operators.

— Traumatic injuries at 3150 Mission Blvd, 25 year old female hit in the face by a football. 2 Sam, E 21 and M 16 respond, no aid necessary all units clear.

— 50 foot sail boat near the surf of Little Rock Jetty in O.B. O.B. guards request a lifeguard rescue vessel Code 3. Lifeguards clear with warnings to vessel with political banner for Bernie Sanders.

June 4

— HP responded to a 40-ft cabin cruiser near the Shelter Island basin that had a runaway diesel motor. As the operator was unable to shut the vessel off, he was forced to drive in circles to avoid hitting any vessels or objects that were in the immediate area. HP arrived and was able to clear a path and direct the subject to a safe open area. HP then came alongside the boat and transported the passengers to their vessel. Within a few minutes, HP personnel and the operator were able to finally shut it down and stop the vessel.

— HP responded to a vessel that had struck a sand bar and was taking on water in South Bay near the Chula Vista channel. Upon HP vessel units arriving, they found several subjects pushing the vessel off the sand bar which allowed it to start sinking. HP then immediately had to tow the vessel to the nearby launch ramp. HP pushed the sinking vessel up onto the ramp and then were able to assist the owner getting it onto a trailer.

— 21 Sam witnesses a pier jumper at Crystal Pier. Rescue West and SDPD respond. Pier jumper rescued by a beach guard. Jumper was cited and released.

— 23 y/o female shoulder injury at Hill and Sunset Cliffs Blvd. 1 Sam, E 15 and Medic 3 respond. Fire on scene, Code 4, LG’s clear.

— Person stuck on cliff @ Osprey Cove, 25 y/o female with an ankle injury. LG Southern Cliff response initiated and E 22 and Medic 20 responded. Victim is escorted by foot out of the cove and Medic 20 transports patient to Kaiser.

— 25 y/o male broken ankle from a skateboard accident at 3105 Ocean Front Walk. Utility 2 and Medic 14 respond. Medic 14 transports patient to Scripps.

— Dog bite @ 5000 Niagara Ave. on a 45 y/o male. LG’s, SDPD, E 22 and M 6 respond. Fire and medics handle, LG’s clear.

— 18 y/o female slip and fall injury on the rocks at 450 Coast Blvd. 31 Sam, U34, Engine 13 and Medic 9 respond. Victim carried out by LG’s and medics; Medic 9 to Scripps La Jolla.

June 2

— HP caught a female subject that had stolen a dinghy. HP issued her a citation for joyriding in the dinghy and then transported her to County Mental Health for an evaluation.

San Diego Lifeguards are a 24 hour rescue agency whose responsibilities include water rescue, boat rescue, marine fire suppression, coastal cliff rescue, underwater search and recovery, swift water and flood search, rescue and emergency medical response. San Diego Lifeguards also handle enforcement of city, state and federal laws and regulations. Lifeguards are classified as peace officers with the power of arrest.

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