Robert Cenedella of Art Bastard comes to the Angelika

Subject of new documentary at a Q&A Sunday, June 19

All aboard the Art Bastard express.
  • All aboard the Art Bastard express.

He’s one of the sweetest, funniest “bastards,” art or otherwise, you’ll ever want to meet. And here’s your chance to do just that. Robert Cenedella, artist, social satirist, and subject of Victor Kanefsky’s moving and entertaining documentary, Art Bastard, will spend Father’s Day in Carmel Mountain regaling audiences for two shows at the Angelika Film Center.

Art Bastard featurette

When you see the movie, opening Friday, June 17, you’ll understand what a sacrifice it is for Cenedella to spend the Hallmark holiday away from his son, David. It’s practically Ward and the Beaver minus the sport coats and Brilliantined hair when these two appear onscreen. David’s name came up during the course of our recent interview, causing his proud papa to remark, “My relationship with my son, David, is so fantastic. In the movie I say, ‘How can one not be a good father?’ I don’t know what the big deal is.”


Art Bastard 4.0

Find showtimes

They’ve asked me to moderate the two Q&As on Sunday, June 19, and I couldn’t be more honored to do so. The exact showtimes have yet to be smoothed out. At last check they were looking at 1:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m., but don’t hold me to it. Visit for updates and further information.

How often do San Diegans get an opportunity to watch a movie with the star in attendance, particularly one who has made so many spectacularly subversive contributions to contemporary art? Why not celebrate the day with dinner, a movie, and a “Bastard” at the Angelika?

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