State bar disciplines seven local lawyers

Car-crashing, drug-selling, fee-related malfeasance, etc.

The State Bar of California has disciplined seven San Diego County attorneys.

Jordan David Beal got one year of probation and suspension for 30 days. He had offered to sell a controlled substance to an undercover sheriff's deputy. He was suffering depression and had recently ended a five-year relationship.

Jerry Lane Hefner of Julian was suspended 90 days and put on probation. He had a felony conviction for possession of a controlled substance and a misdemeanor conviction for carrying a loaded weapon in public.

Kenneth Matthew Cooke was involuntarily enrolled as an inactive member of the bar for failing to perform competently for a client and failure to return unearned fees. He had a prior record of discipline.

Jeffrey Alan Agnew of Ramona was involuntarily enrolled as an inactive member of the bar. He was charged with misconduct and had three prior records of discipline.

Charles Thomas Marshall, who was doing loan-modification work, was suspended for 90 days for multiple acts of wrongdoing. He took an advance fee and failed to perform for clients. He had a prior record of discipline.

Michael Robert McCabe of El Cajon was suspended for 90 days and put on probation for two years. He had failed to pay child support and had practiced law when he was ineligible to do so.

Douglas Dale Holthaus got a public reproval. He was twice convicted of driving under the influence; one of the incidents caused damage to two vehicles.

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I think it would be a terrific idea if we had an Elected Officials Bar.

and like the bar, run by elected officials ?

MichaelValentine: Great idea, but do you want to make a bet on whether it ever happens? Most politicians are lawyers. Best, Don Bauder

Murphyjunk: Yes, probably run by politicians. Would that chop up the efficacy? Best, Don Bauder

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