Low numbers at the beach make for roomy Memorial Day weekend in the sand

Lowest attendance in a decade

There were 220,100 beachgoers at City of San Diego beaches over Memorial Day weekend. Over the three days, San Diego lifeguards performed 77 water rescues, 104 medical aids and 2,654 preventative acts. Overcast skies and cool weather may have accounted for the lowest attendance in a decade in the sand from Ocean Beach to Black’s Beach. Over the past ten years, the highest number of City of San Diego beach visitors over the Memorial Day weekend was 786,200 in 2010, followed by 748,000 in 2009.

June 3

— Head injury from a fall at Toulon Ct. in PB. Unit 24 responds along with Fire and Medics. U 24 unable to locate patient. Fire at scene will handle.

— 2 victims, 1 m/1 f, stuck half way up at Boundry line at Black’s. Unit 34, 31 Sam, Rescue 43, 3 Sam and 3 L respond. Victims rescued no injuries. All units clear.

— Diabetic problem at Thomas Ave. on a 40 y/o female passed out. Lifeguards, Fire and medics respond. Patient AMA’s with Fire.

— Same as above but was released by Fire; called 911 again. 21 Sam, E 21 and Medic 36 respond. Medic 36 transports to Scripps La Jolla.

— 22 y/o male 647F slip and fall at the southern comfort station at MB. U 23, Fire and Medics respond. Medic 21 transports patient to Scripps La Jolla.

June 2

— Report of person being dragged from the water at Felspar St. Unit 25, 21 Sam, Engine 21, and Medic 3 respond. Possible seizure in water. Patient transported to Scripps La Jolla.

— Knee injury from impact into sand. Medic 3 and Unit 33 respond. Patient AMA’s with medics.

— Person with altered level of consciousness at Blacks’ Beach. Unit 35, 31 Sam, Medic 9, Engine 9 and UCPD respond. Medics transport to UCSD.

June 1

— Vehicle in the water at Tamarack Jetty (Carlsbad Blvd & Sequoia Ave). Request from Norcom to Metro ECDC to Lifeguard Dispatch for LG’s to respond. Vehicle in the water, unknown if occupied. 24 Sam respond. Other agencies involved: Carlsbad Fire, State LG, Encinitas LG, Carlsbad PD, Oceanside LG. At 0235 vehicle believed unoccupied. Lifeguards assisting to attempt removal of vehicle. Unable to remove vehicle because of currents.

— PWC stuck on sandbar at Kendall Frost. Male on orange PWC stuck high and dry. LG Guardian responds. PWC is rental and H2O Jet Ski’s to remove at higher tide.

— OB Lifeguards request Medics to OB LG Tower. 34 y/o male walk up to tower, laceration to the head. OB LG, 1 Sam, E15, M14 respond. M 14 transport to UCSD.

— MB Lifeguards on scene at Wave House. Request Medics for a 53y/o male w/head injury. LG 23x, 2 Sam, E 21, M 21 respond. M 21 transport PT to Scripp’s La Jolla.

May 31

— Male transient reported in San Diego River. Lifeguard 5 Lincoln calls in the report. Unit 42, 21 Sam, SDPD, 4 Lincoln and 4 Sam respond. Lifeguards convince man to exit the river. SDPD transports person to CMH.

— Call reported as kayaker in Kendall Frost Reserve. Guardian 1 responds. Guardian 1 is unable to locate the kayak.

May 30

— MDC chest pain at Seaforth Landing, 70yo male. 4 Sam, 42 Sam, E 20, M 48 respond. Lifeguards cancel, SDFD on scene w/patient.

— Lifeguards request Medics for a 47 y/o male, dizzy from stingray wound at Mission Beach LG tower. E 21, M 21 respond. Patient AMA by M 21.

— 46 y/o female, ingestion/poisoning. San Fernando Place. 2 Sam, Fire & Medics respond. Lifeguards cancel, SDFD on scene.

— State Lifeguards request meet to assist with treatment, stingray at Black’s Beach (Steelball). State Ranger on scene, U 34 responds. Routine treatment.

— RP reports vessel coming too close to others at South Pacific PWC Area. Rescue 4 responds. UTL.

— 911 call. RP advises two kayaks (rentals) on the rocks at Devils Slides, La Jolla. Victims uninjured. Cove X, 3 Sam respond. Victims rescued.

— 911 call. Seasick patient on red & green kayak coming into shoreline just south of Scripps Pier. 31 Sam, 3 Alpha, E 9, MR 9 respond. MR9 transported PT to UCSD.

— 60 y/o male w/heart problems, San Fernando Place at Mission Blvd. 2 Sam, E 21, M 21 respond. Lifeguards cancel, SDFD on scene w/patient.

— SMB tower request vessel to investigate boat towing another boat mid channel. R5 responds. Customs on scene, Lifeguards clear.

San Diego Lifeguards are a 24 hour rescue agency whose responsibilities include water rescue, boat rescue, marine fire suppression, coastal cliff rescue, underwater search and recovery, swift water and flood search, rescue and emergency medical response. San Diego Lifeguards also handle enforcement of city, state and federal laws and regulations. Lifeguards are classified as peace officers with the power of arrest.

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