Busted for selling weed on the Broadway Pier

Off to the county jail

July 16

— HP responded to the Harbor Island West Marina to investigate a burglary that occurred aboard a vessel. The report documented the missing items and the investigation is still in process.

— VHF call for a 40 year old female with an altered LOC and difficulty breathing following a dive on the Yukon. A lifeguard rescue vessel responds and transports the patient back to the reception dock where M 21 transports to UCSD.

— Lifeguard response to Grand Ave. for a 67 year old male with chest pains. Fire already on scene when lifeguards arrive on scene handling; clear.

— South Mission Beach Lifeguards call for a lifeguard rescue vessel for a vessel inside the surf. A lifeguard PWC makes contact and clears with warnings.

— 30 year old male with a laceration at 1950 Abbott, fire and medics requested. Patient AMA’s with E 15.

— 911 call for a sting ray victim south of Bathtub Rock. U35X has to walk to the patient. Patient is treated and released.

— 911 call for a missing swimmer in Fiesta Bay. Lifeguard response initiated and swimmer is found by the RP, clear.

— Vessel jumping waves at Luscomb’s. A lifeguard rescue vessel responds and makes warnings.

— 911 call for a missing swimmer from a vessel towing a tube. Swimmer is picked up by a PWC and reunited.

— Medics requested to Diamond St. by U 25 for a 21 year old male with a dislocated shoulder. M-21 transports to Scripps La Jolla.

— 911 call for jumpers at the Arch swimming around to the north side. U 100 makes warnings.

— 911 call for a female who jumped from the OB Pier. Lifeguards respond, victim is rescued and brought to shore.

July 15

— Altered level of consciousness at 2800 mission Blvd. on a 30 year old male. LG’s and Fire respond. LG’s clear fire and medics to handle the call.

— Overturned catamaran in Fiesta Bay at Stoney Point. LG guardian responded. Guardian assists righting the vessel.

— Free diver didn’t surface at Emerald cove. LG’s, Medics, Fire and SDPD responded. Code x called for the free diver and a one hour search was conducted with nothing found. Command terminated and the incident clear.

— Person stuck on the cliff with a dog at the boundary line at Blacks Beach. LG’s respond for a non-injury cliff emergency call. Dog and human rescued all units cleared.

— Surfer in distress at Del Monte in OB. LGs respond and see one surfer not in distress. Rescue vessel and LG from OB call it clear.

July 14

— HP caught a male subject that was smoking marijuana on the Broadway Pier. During the investigation, it was found the subject was selling the marijuana, which is a felony. He was arrested and taken to County Jail.

— HP responded to the Maritime Museum for a medical emergency. It was found that one of the volunteers aboard the San Salvador sailing vessel had accidentally cut himself while working on the rigging lines. The subject was transported to the hospital and treated for his wound.

— NPB lifeguards request RW to respond to Calumet Park for a boat near the surf line. Boat bows out and heads west.

— Unconscious male at 700 Diamond St. on the boardwalk. 21 S, E 21 and M 21 respond. M 21 transports to Scripps.

— Chest pain at 900 West Mission cross Gleason Rd. Bonita Cove Guards, M11 and E20 respond. Medic 11 to Scripps Mercy.

— Male with dizziness and nausea and fainting on vessel “Premier”. USCG requests us to respond. M III, E 21 and M 35 respond. Medics transport to Scripps.

— 911 call about vacant inflatable boat off La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club. LJS Lifeguards advise the vessel is safely anchored and clear.

— Report of vessel engine theft near Bahia Marina. R 5, 179 K and 177 K respond. R 5 and SDPD determine no crime was being committed. Person was securing his personal watercraft (PWC) to his friend’s moored vessel in Santa Barbara Cove. PWC is allowed by Bahia employee to dock at Bahia Dock for overnight storage.

July 13

— HP responded to a bridge in north San Diego Bay to investigate and document some graffiti that was spray painted on the bridge pillars.

— Lifeguards request PD for a report of a person threatening behavior toward people in the park at Crown Point. 42 Sam, 41 Sam, Rescue 5, Guardian, Ranger and SDPD respond. Crown Point lifeguards in area, standing back. SDPD takes information of person in question. SDPD and Lifeguards clear, person leaves area.

— 911 call & simultaneous report from U 35 of a glider down on cliff. Glider crashed approximately 100’ below cliff edge, stoners area. Victim is precarious. U 34, 31 Sam, 3 Sam, T 35, M 35, 4 Lincoln, SDFR Copter and R 44 respond. One cliff rescue, pick-off and lower. No injuries.

— Unconscious person at hotel pool, Blue Sea Beach Hotel. U 24, E 21, M 49 respond. SDFD handles, Lifeguards clear.

— Marine St. Lifeguards request Medics for a 15 year old female with neck pain from a body surfing accident. Marine Street LG on scene, U32, 21 Sam, E 13, M 35 respond. Medic 35 transported to Scripps LJ.

— 911 call. RP advises group of approximately thirty people jumping off the cliff. (Osprey Call Box & Sunset Cliffs Blvd). 1 Sam and SDPD respond. LG & PD on scene, crowd of fifty people but no witnessed jumping activity.

— 911 call via SDPD. Reported as someone stuck on the cliff at Boundary Line. 3 Sam, U 34, 4 Lincoln, R 44, 2 Sam, U32, and Copter 1 respond. Victim picked off and lowered to beach.

July 12

— HP responded to a person in the water off the Broadway Pier. They responded, retrieved the person and eventually transported the subject to County Mental Health for an evaluation.

— HP were dispatched to the Kona Kai Marina to investigate someone making phone threats due to an altercation that occurred in one of the slips.

— Kayak rescues at Slides in La Jolla. Jet 3 and 31 Sam respond. Jet 3 rescues kayakers and brings them to boat launch.

— Report of 2 swimmers in distress at No Surf beach. 1 Sam, Jet 1 and Unit 100 respond. Swimmers rescued by lifeguards.

— Difficulty breathing at 3141 Ocean Front Walk. 2 S, E 23 and MR 9 respond. Medic Rescue 9 transports to UCSD.

— 2 surfers in distress at OB Pier via a 911 call. 1 S, Jet 1 and RW respond. Lifeguards rescue 2 novice surfers.

— Medical call at Voltaire and Abbott slip and fall head injury. Utility 1, Unit 12, E 15 and M 18 respond. Medic 18 transports to Scripps.

July 11

— HP stopped a vessel for not checking in with US Customs upon returning from Mexico. It was found that the fishing boat was an illegal charter. Reports were forwarded to the USCG, Customs for possible prosecution.

— Difficulty breathing at 3105 Ocean Front Walk. Unit 23, M 27, and E 21 respond. Patient AMA with Medic 27.

— Report of someone stuck on cliffs at the Torrey Pines Glider port. 31 S, 3 S, RW, Copter 1, M 21, T 35 and R 43 respond. Victim is reported to have been rescued by Glider port personnel.

— Medical aid at 1950 Abbott St. OB lifeguards, M 21 and E 15 respond. Patient AMA with E 15.

San Diego Lifeguards are a 24 hour rescue agency whose responsibilities include water rescue, boat rescue, marine fire suppression, coastal cliff rescue, underwater search and recovery, swift water and flood search, rescue and emergency medical response. San Diego Lifeguards also handle enforcement of city, state and federal laws and regulations. Lifeguards are classified as peace officers with the power of arrest.

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San Diego Lifeguards are a treasure. Whatever they get paid, it's not enough.

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