Skinny-dipper loses clothes

Naked at the callbox

July 10

— USCG reports abandoned Jetski on the rocks near the sewage treatment plant on Pt. Loma. 1 Sam, 3 L, Jet I and Rescue 1 respond and tow the ski to LG impound.

— OB Station reports disabled Jetski near the surfline at OB. Guard paddles out and clears intake and vessel gets under way with no further assistance needed.

— Blacks guards report disabled vessel near the surf at the north end of Blacks. Rescue West tows the vessel with 2 persons on board to safe water and Vessel Assist responded to tow back to Mission Bay.

— Windansea guards request medics to foot of Bonaire for a 34 y/o male with a possible shoulder dislocation. Medics transport to Scripps La Jolla.

— Unit 35 request medics to Black Gold Road for a 31 y/o male with foot pain due to a stingray puncture. Medic 41 transported patient to Scripps La Jolla.

— Blacks guards request medics for a 26 y/o female with a burn to the right foot. Medic 35 and Engine respond and treat and release with medic 35.

— Utility 20 request medics to Santa Clara for a 56 y/o Asthma patient with difficulty breathing. Engine 21 and Medic 49 respond and patient AMA with Medic 49

— 911 caller reports an adult male suffering from a stingray wound. Utility 5 responds, treats and release.

— Multiple 911 callers report a person fell off bluff and into the water. Citizens jump in to assist. Patient is reported to be apneic and pulseless, face-down in the water at Pappy’s Pt. 1 Sam, Unit 100, Jet 1, Rescue 5, Marine 1, Engine 22, Medic 3, 2 Sam, 1 L, and Copter 1 all respond. Lifeguards and Medics perform CPR for over 20 minutes and utilize 2 separate AED’s. Patient is air lifted to UCSD and was reported to be breathing. Crisis was at scene to assist with relatives of the victim.

— USCG request LG response for two people stuck on Pt. Loma at the lighthouse after their Jetski got caught inside and washed up on the rocks. Rescue 5, Marine 1, Jet 1 and 1 Sam respond. The two are extricated from the bluff and placed on Marine 1. The Ski is towed to the boat launch at Shelter Island.

July 9

— Harbor Police located a vessel in South Bay San Diego that was reported stolen the day prior. The vessel was returned to the owner.

— Call box call at Marine St. from a female naked at the call box. Female went skinny dipping and now can’t find her clothes. Dispatch contacts SDPD who respond and finds her clothing.

— Call box call from Tourmaline reporting a stingray victim on the beach. U 24 responds and the patient is transported back to PB for routine treatment.

— MDC report of a man down at 700 Grand Ave. No aid needed all units clear.

— MDC report for a 62 y/o male with knee swelling. M 21 responds and transports the patient to Scripps La Jolla.

— PWC at high speed near the shore off Santa Barbara Cove. A lifeguard rescue vessel meets with the RP at the Bahia Dock UTL BOL.

— 911 call reporting two kids swimming from Government Island. A lifeguard fire boat responds and assists swimmers to the shore.

— 911 call for a kayak overturned and taking on water ½ mile of the Marine Room. Jet 3 makes one water rescue and tows kayak to La Jolla Shores.

— Intoxicated person on Santa Cruz Beach. M 20 responds and transports to Scripps Mercy.

— 911 call for a 61 y/o female with an unknown medical problem at Bonita Cove. M 21 responds and transports patient to Kaiser Zion.

— Ranger 27 reports a PWC coming close to shore and spraying people at the South Shores PWC area. A lifeguard rescue vessel responds and is UTL.

— VHF call for a vessel out of gas off Ski Beach. A lifeguard rescue vessel responds and tows the vessel to the Ski Beach Dock.

— 911 call for 4 Jet skis inside the surf at South Garbage. Jet 1 responds and makes warnings.

— 2 swimmers transiting the channel off Crown Point and West Ski Island. A lifeguard rescue vessel responds and makes warnings.

— Diabetic emergency at 700 Grand. M 21 responds and transports patient to UCSD.

— Call reporting swimmers struggling off Pappy’s Point. Lifeguards respond swimmers were assisted in by Good Samaritans, lifeguards evaluate for injuries/all clear.

— 14 y/o with an allergic reaction at Mission Blvd/Ventura St. Lifeguards and fire arrive on scene, fire handles the call.

— A vessel comes to the lifeguard operations dock that has just pumped 30 gallons of gas into its bilge. BSU personnel respond as well as fire, the vessel is foamed, ignition sources are disabled and the vessel is towed to a lifeguard impound buoy. The owner is to arrange mitigation with a private company.

— 911 call reporting a female cancer patient is stuck on Blacks Beach unable to make it back to the top. U 34 transports to Black Gold Road and BLS-5 transports the patient to Scripps.

— VHF caller reporting an overturned PWC off the Dana Hotel. A lifeguard fire boat responds and the vessel has righted itself/clear.

July 8

— HP Investigated an oil spill inside the Marriott Marina.

— 6 y/o male’s foreskin caught in mesh on his swim trunks at OB. LG’s, Fire and Medics respond. Patient AMA with Medic 35.

— 69 y/o female with traumatic injuries at Law St. U 25 responds. Patient states they want to get private transport.

— 13 y/o female with fainting episode at La Jolla Cove. LG’s and Fire respond. Patient transported Scripps La Jolla.

— Kayaker waving paddle with swimmer off the cove. Cove X, R West, and 3 Sam respond. R-5 transports 2 water rescue victims to the Cove.

— Syncopal episode at the cove tower on a 19 y/o female. Cove, 3 Sam and Engine 9 respond. Patient AMA with Engine 9.

— Very intoxicated 41 y/o female at the Casa LG station. Casa, E 13 and Medic 41 respond. Patient is transported to Kaiser.

— PWC jumping waves at Hogans. Rescue West, U 32, 3 Sam, and Jet 3 respond. RW cites and releases PWC operator.

— Seizures at the foot of Tourmaline. U 25, 21 Sam, E 21, and Medic 48 responded. Medic 48 transports to Children’s hospital.

— 15 y/o female with neck injury from a surfing accident at La Jolla Shores. LG’s 31 Sam, and SD fire responds. Medics transports to Scripps La Jolla.

— 41 y/o Female fainting episode. LG’s and Fire/Medics respond. Medic transports to Sharp Memorial.

— Cut to leg at Tower 33. LG’s respond and treat and release victim.

— Person on pier outside railing. LG’s 21 Sam, Rescue 5 and SDPD respond. SDPD contacts Male person crying on a cell phone. SDPD conducting investigation and clears.

San Diego Lifeguards are a 24 hour rescue agency whose responsibilities include water rescue, boat rescue, marine fire suppression, coastal cliff rescue, underwater search and recovery, swift water and flood search, rescue and emergency medical response. San Diego Lifeguards also handle enforcement of city, state and federal laws and regulations. Lifeguards are classified as peace officers with the power of arrest.

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