Sailboat runs over kayaker

Beach and cliff crews busy over 4th of July

July 7

— HP located a small dinghy operated by a minor that had broken down near the Carrier Basin in San Diego Bay. The vessel was towed back to its dock and the guardian of the child was issued a warning on the age restrictions of operators for that type of craft.

— HP responded to a person in the water near the Marriott Marina. They retrieved the person and transported them to County Mental Health for an evaluation.

— Report of a diver in distress at La Jolla Shores Boat Launch. Unit 33, Jet 3, 31 Sam, Medic 44 and Engine 99 respond. Patient transported to UCSD by medics.

— Report of a stolen car suspect who fled into river at 5150 Mission Center Road. 3R, 3L, 42 Sam, SDPD and 2910 Sam respond. Units unable to locate subject.

— Epistasis at 8500 El Paseo Grande. U 33, Scripps LG, E9 and Medic 9 respond. Patient AMA with Medic 9.

July 6

— HP issued a citation to a boater that was speeding outside the Chula Vista channel in South Bay San Diego.

— 5 victims non-injured stuck at the boundary line of Blacks Beach. 31 Sam, 3 Sam, 3L and Rescue 43 respond. All victims lowered by rope system.

— 11 year old male with a head injury from a surfing accident. Experiencing neck pain. La Jolla Shores. U 33, 21 Sam, Medic 9 and Engine 9 respond. Medic 9 to Children’s.

— Vessel Accident. Sail Bay. No injuries. Pwc vs wake-boarder and wakeboard boat. Guardian, Rescue 7, 41 Sam and 122 Z respond. SDPD takes VAR reports and P1 PWC towed to De Anza Cove.

— Vessel aground on east Fiesta Island. 19 foot Bayliner. G2 responds and tows vessel to De Anza dock.

— 60 year old male with leg infection at Mission Beach. A level 3 response was requested. Mission Beach x and Medic 49 respond. Medic 49 to Scripps La Jolla.

July 5

— HP dispatched to the Harbor Police Transient slips to investigate a possible rape.

— R.P. concerned about a vessel of Blacks Beach. Lifeguards investigate and determine vessel is a dive boat safely at anchor.

— Lifeguards on scene with a 20 year old male with altered level of consciousness at Ocean Beach. Fire and Medics also respond. Patient AMA with medics.

— Lifeguards respond to a 40 year old male who fell on the cliff at Sunset Cliffs. Fire, Medics, Copter and SDPD all respond. Lifeguards and Copter Medic work on CPR patient until time is called. Rescue-44 used to extricate Fire and Medics personnel. Body was also extricated by Rescue-44 personnel and was handed over to M.E.

— R.P. concerned about 17 year old female who has going missing on a SUP. Person is located and lifeguards clear.

— Lifeguards on scene with 30 year old with diabetic emergency at Ocean Beach. Fire and Medics respond. Medics transport patient to UCSD medical center.

July 4

— HP responded to a vessel broken down near the main shipping channel. HP towed the vessel to the nearby launch ramp and assisted with getting it onto a boat trailer.

— HP dispatched to a vessel collision involving a sailboat and a kayak near Harbor Island. The sailboat operator did not see the kayak and ran over it, causing injury to the kayaker.

— HP responded to Glorietta Bay for a medical call. They found that a swimmer had ingested a large amount of salt water and was in distress. Medics were called and transported the subject to the hospital.

— SDPD advises a person entered the water after a 415. Last seen in the water and no longer have visual. 24 Sam, Rescue 1, Unit 2 and Logs 1 respond. 4L paged and 3L for a dive response and Copter II requested. Code X declared at 620. Dive Team response at 720 with MIII. MBYC advises over VHF 16 they witnessed a person matching the description exiting the water at roughly the same time. Command terminated at 0739 and call deemed clear.

— CDC advises seizures at 3653 Ocean Front Walk a 17 year old male. 2 and 21 Sam respond. Medic 41 and Engine 21 respond and handle call. Unknown disposition.

— Fall from cliff, right leg injury. Ladera Park, Sunset Cliffs. 100 Sam, E 15, M 34, R 44, 2 Sam, 4L, Copter 1, Jet 1, E 22 and B 3 respond. Patient located at water’s edge between Sub & Ab. Copter 1 hoist patient, M 34 transport to Kaiser.

— 911 call of an 87 year old male who fainted at San Fernando Pl. 42 Sam, E 21 and M 2 respond and handle, unknown disposition.

— MDC, 52 year old male, chest pain. Brighton & Spray. OB Utility, E 20, M 12, SDPD respond. M 12 transport to UCSD.

— Person struggling in Emerald Cove, non-injured. Cove X, 300 Sam, 3 L, Jet 3 respond. Jet 3 escorts two people to LJ Cove.

— Vessel Adrift at Mariners Cove. Pontoon boat. Rescue 5 responds. Rescue 5 re-anchors vessel.

— Fall possible broken wrist, Boardwalk & Ormond Court. U 200, M R9, MOD 3 respond. Medics transport to Kaiser.

— 42 Sam reports two swimmers in open speed zone in Fiesta Bay, halfway to Government Island. 42 Sam, Guardian 1 and Crown Point respond. Crown Point LG escort back to shore.

— Windansea request Medics. 26 year old male, dizziness and nausea after surfing accident. Foot of Westbourne. Wn S LG, 3 Sam, U 32, E 13, M 21 respond. Patient AMA.

— OB request Medics for PWC vs. swimmer, OB LG tower. 16 year old female. OB LG, M20, E15, SDPD and 174 X respond. Medics transport to Children’s.

— Bay East reports PWC spraying swimmers in the swim zone, Sail Bay. Guardian 1 responds. Warnings issued.

— Two PWC collide off Del Monte, Rescue South, Marine 3, Jet 1, U 100, 1 Sam respond. All victims rescued, minor medical aid (1 female, 1 male). Marine 3 issues citations.

— La Jolla LG request Medics for a 17 year old female with full body cramps, unknown mechanism. U33, M35, E9 respond. Medics transport to Scripps LJ.

— 6 year old female, seizures at 726 Devon Court. 2 Sam, M 21 and E 21 respond. 2 Sam at scene with M 21. Medic 21 to handle call, LG clear.

— SDPD advise found juvenile, 10 year old female at 3896 Bayside Walk. Bay West, SDPD respond. Juvenile with SDPD.

— Chest pain, 2668 East Mission Bay Drive, 35 year old male. 42 Sam respond. Patient with Fire, LG clear.

— LG on scene of a vessel accident (Rescue 5 witnessed), Mission Bay near Ski Beach. Multiple POB on two vessels, 1 injury. Rescue 4, Rescue 5, Rescue 7, Marine 1, 2L, T 20, M 49 and 4 L respond. All victims transported to Ski Beach ramp to await Medics. Patient evaluated by Medics and released.

— 300 Sam request Medics for a fall at LJ Beach & Tennis Club. 76 year old female head injury. 300 Sam, MR9 respond. Medics transport to Scripps LJ.

— U 35 reports slip and fall on Citizen’s Trail, TPCB. 26 year old female, minor injury and 8 months pregnant. Medics requested to Black Gold Rd. U35, E35, M24 respond. Medics transported to Scripps LJ.

— Assault, Bahia/Ventura Cove, 40 year old male head injury. Ventura LG, 42 Sam, Fire and Medics respond. Patient eloped/fled area. Units clear.

— OB Lifeguards request Medics to LG tower. 18 year old, female, shortness of breath. U 12, M20. Patient AMA

— Unconscious male, 722 Grand Ave. 21 Sam, M21 respond. Medics transport to Scripps LJ.

— Trauma, 23 year old male, back and arm injury, east side of Fiesta Island. 42 Sam, E 25, M 6 respond. Fire/Medics handle, LG’s clear.

— OB LG’s request Medics for 41 year old male, head vs. rock a the foot of Newport. U 12, E 15 and M 21 respond. Medics transport to UCSD.

— Leisure Lagoon LG’s request PD for a fight at the bathrooms Leisure Lagoon. SDPD dispatches units. LG’s clear.

— Person down, Island Court & Ocean Front Walk. 2 Sam, MOD 3, M11 respond. Medics transport to Mercy.

San Diego Lifeguards are a 24 hour rescue agency whose responsibilities include water rescue, boat rescue, marine fire suppression, coastal cliff rescue, underwater search and recovery, swift water and flood search, rescue and emergency medical response. San Diego Lifeguards also handle enforcement of city, state and federal laws and regulations. Lifeguards are classified as peace officers with the power of arrest.

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