Homeless and confused in Chula Vista

“If you live on the street, you can get a permit? Wow.”

RVs parked on Fourth Avenue in Chula Vista
  • RVs parked on Fourth Avenue in Chula Vista

There’s a buzz on the streets of Chula Vista among those who live out of their vehicles. Some think that they can go to city hall and obtain a “Special Parking Permit,” as it seems to suggest on the permit-process section of the city’s website.

From the City of Chula Vista's website

From the City of Chula Vista's website

The first bullet point underneath the “Special Parking Permit” header reads: “For residents living on streets with established Time Limited Parking (please note, this permit does not apply to metered parking).”

“If you live on the street, you can get a permit? Wow,” questioned Anne Steinberger, the City of Chula Vista’s marketing and communications manager. “I can definitely see your point.”

A couple of homeless individuals who wanted to remain anonymous mentioned that they went and tried to get a permit but were given “the runaround.”

When asked about the amount of people who attempted to apply for the non-existent permit, Steinberger said she didn’t know. She said she sent a screenshot of the wording to the department that handles the web pages for revision.

“I can understand that that could be somewhat confusing, but it was meant for people whose homes are on the streets that have limited parking hours.”

On the Chula Vista municipal code page that includes the general ordinances of the City of Chula Vista, it’s pretty straightforward and there is no confusion.

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It's getting bad in some parts of south Chula Vista. People from Arizona and Nevada and other runaways parking their RV on the city streets and making it a homestead. Crime and pollution have gone way up in those neighborhoods.

I would personally like to give all of Chula Vista back to Mexico, it's full of dopers, homeless, out-luck-white trash, used car lots and third world grocery stores like Wally's that sell out-dated food, don't get me going on the school system, the only thing cholla vista is known for is cheap and plentiful heroin. I would not stop at a stop sign in cholla vista, even the Mexican food sucks.

You, of course, are speaking of Chulajuana of the west and not the upscale area east of 805.

When all you have left is your vehicle, you keep a low profile and try not to attract negative attention. I have known many who live this way including a family of five. Most are forced to move every day and to park in noisy, dangerous areas. The children have difficulty getting to school, the parent(s) finding work. The family of five bought one monthly transit pass which they shared. Usually the little one needed it to get to school, but sometimes someone else needed it. They had no refrigeration or cooking or toilet facility. They had blankets and one not-so-smart phone that they shared. Their vehicle was constantly breaking down. At any given time a family member was sick. Two of them are dead now and I've lost track of the others.

And these are the lucky homeless people who still have a vehicle.

" . . living on streets . . " would be clearer if it read "living along streets"

I was going to raise the issue of the importance of being able to speak and write clearly, but I went back and read the clause again and I see it says, "For residents living on streets with established Time Limited Parking..." So, the fact that it specifically refers to residents, which urban campers are not, would tend to make the policy clear. I can see however, how the wording could cause some confusion, which brings me back to my first point.

Drive south on 4th towards Main - both sides full - trailers, yellow buses, 18 wheelers. Mayor Salas John McCann and the rest of the City Council are failing to protect residents that are NOT their neighbors even though they took an oath to do so.

I don't recall seeing a sign noting 4th Avenue as a homeless shelter and feel bad for those residents having to endure the stench of waste being dumped down gutter drains.

However it is duly noted that our elected official are STUDYING the problem - and as they do so more more are parking there illegally.

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