Trump incites variety of responses

From "I'm not mad or anything" to "I've stopped my delivery of the Reader"

A Map Would Help

Re: “Maple Canyon Conundrum,” January 7, City Lights

Interesting, but I think a map might have helped. I lived here as a child during the war from 1943 through 1945, going to and from school, and I’ve lived here as an adult since 1974. I’ve lived here about 45 years in all.

I can’t make any sense out of the story in terms of location, even with a Thomas Guide atlas. I’m trying to figure out where all this stuff is going on. I can find Laurel and Union on the map, but I still can’t make too much sense of the story. I think a detailed map of the area may have helped.

  • Name withheld
  • via voicemail

Dangling Participles

Here’s a comment about Matthew Suarez’s article, the second paragraph: “While watching NFL, the commercial advertising their new chef-inspired ‘Taste Crafted’ burgers got my attention.”

Mr. Suárez, when you were a struggling college student from 2004 to 2008, you should have paid more attention in grammar class or journalism class or English class, if you had such a class. That is what’s known as a dangling participle.

We learned to watch out for that in the 7th or 8th grade.

  • Grammar Nazi
  • via voicemail

All Menus at Once

I’m just wondering why you no longer put the breakdown of Restaurant Week in the Reader, that tells what the restaurants have and all the various information.

  • Bob Dederick
  • Downtown

Menus and restaurant information can be found at: sandiegorestaurantweek.com.

— Editor

Nature’s Lab

Re: “No Trailblazers wanted in Parry Grove,” Roam-O-Rama

Indeed, Pinus torreyana had a range substantially found as far north as the Bridge Creek formation in eastern Oregon (Oligocene 23.03-33.9 Ma). More interesting is its ability to hybridize today with P. sabiniana and P. coulteri in a laboratory, which suggests a common ancestor.

This ability, along with many other species of pine, brings into focus a question which remains challenging for taxonomists, a definition of “species” which can be accurately applied to all living things on earth without being overly general or specific.

Using DNA research, species have been eliminated, combined or invented. Even genera and families have been changed, allowing a plethora of opportunities for naming rights fame while pigeonholing what is a continuum over time and place.

With Pinus, a variable group exists as the Montazumae Complex, largely in Mexico and possibly an area of present day speciation. Hopefully human interference there will not destroy what is a natural laboratory to be watched far into the future. Then, too, destruction of habitat could lead to population isolation with a few remnant stands of wide

dispersion, much as we see is today in Torrey pines.

Fortunately, Torrey pine seed has historically been placed in the hands of many people, planted and thriving outside of Southern California, even existing in other countries. That is the best way to assure avoidance of species extinction, should a natural or man-made disaster eliminate trees in present guarded locations.

  • Fred Crowe
  • Pt. Loma

In Response to Billy

Regarding last week’s letter, “You Probably Love Hillary,” submitted by Billy. Billy’s dilemma is that he can dish it out but he can’t take it. Billy feels that its okay for letters to the editor to criticize Democracts, but Billy gets offended very badly when letters to the editor criticize Republicans.

Well, guess what, Billy? I happen to be a U.S. Marine Corps veteran myself, and there are also plenty of Republican politicians out there who are guilty of getting our veteran buddies killed as well — but I don’t see you getting mad about that.

Billy is dead wrong to say that you will end up in hell if you vote for Hillary. Billy actually thinks that you only go to heaven if you vote Republican.

I volunteered and voted for Obama both times, in ’08 and ’12. And guess what? I am going to volunteer and vote for Hillary in ’16. And I am still going to go to heaven.

  • Dennis Martinez
  • East Village

Liberal Rag

Re: “Donald Trump Is the Enemy,” January 7 cover story

Obviously, this is a liberal rag, I understand that but, as another reader stated, this is a political season and that statement just isn’t right. You may as well labeled it, “Billary for President!”

I’ve stopped my delivery of the SD Reader.

  • Former Reader fan
  • Coronado

Classless Editing Choice

I am a huge fan of your magazine. I pick it up every time I see a new one on the shelves. My favorite section is the cash for studies section.

My love for this magazine is what caused such dismay when I saw the cover of your latest issue, titled “Donald Trump Is the Enemy.”

Yes, you have the freedom of press, but I am so disgusted with your blatant and matter-of-fact opinion of who will potentially be our next president. I would think you would come from a place of more tact and class, representing the San Diego area and all. It makes me ashamed to live here — especially with all of the tourists coming through, and you representing us in such a way.

To make such a statement about anyone is so demeaning to yourself, not to mention quite offensive to those who support him. Time to think about others and not just yourself.

I will not be supporting your magazine any longer, but I will be doing some serious damage through networking about your disgusting cover page and classless choice of editing.

  • Stacy Delaney
  • Poway

Bad News about Your Angel

Your “Trump Is the Enemy” cover has brought out the sillies of the community. They seem to see this fellow as some sort of saving grace. However, can you imagine him as presidential? Not likely.

He spouts numbers and events as if they are factual. When proved wrong he denies that he ever said such things. Cite? Many.

He said thousands of Muslims in New Jersey were clapping when the Trade Center fell. Clearly a lie. No one can testify this event ever happened. There is not one iota of fact the Mexican government ever sends anyone to the U.S. illegally.

He filed bankruptcy three times. He claims all corporations do that to “adjust” their debts. What? My corporation never did that. You think Qualcomm ever did that? The greedy do it to keep from paying their debts. Let the subcontractor suffer. The employees of subcontractors don’t get their money, and the workers on the site are paid only what they got week by week instead of the whole job.

Take a deep breath, you supporters, and realize this guy is not only dangerous, but you might just get what you wish for. That would mean the end of your benefits of Social Security, Medicare, and whatever else you think you are due. VA loans. VA health. Home loans. The whole issue with Trump is the money, money, money as it comes to him.

Thanks for reading this, if you did. Most of you don’t want to hear bad news about your angel, but he’s really a devil in disguise.

  • Name withheld
  • Clairemont

How Stupid People Can Be

There are a lot of indignant letters in the Reader from people who are horrified and furious about “Donald Trump Is the Enemy.” It just shows how stupid people can be.

I intend to vote for Trump. I was intrigued when I saw the headline on the cover. I thought, Gee that’s interesting. What’s all this about Trump? I read the article and, yeah, it’s about a beauty contest and Trump’s involvement in a rival beauty contest. You put that on the cover just to draw attention. I’m not mad or anything. I intend to vote for Trump, and I thought it was funny.

It just shows how dumb people can be. I was not offended by your headline — it just got my attention, that’s all.

  • Name withheld
  • via voicemail

Waiting to Roll

I’m looking at, like, a dozen pages of dispensary ads, yet you have no full-page rolling paper. Come on, guys! I lot of us San Diego smokers are waiting.

  • Cheech
  • via voicemail

Ride to Hike

Re: Roam-O-Rama

I would like to request hiking trips for someone who takes the bus and the trolley. I’ve found only one — Cowles. If you could find some hikes that we could take buses and trolleys to, that would be just wonderful.

  • Gwen
  • via voicemail

Margin of Safety

For your Roam-O-Roma section, it would be really great if you could add a picture or link that shows the actual hike you are describing (in addition to the map showing the trailhead). Especially in the desert, where trails are often hard to follow, this would really help in planning a hike. With today’s access to so many apps, it adds a huge margin of safety to plan the hike, and then bring the map with you so you have something to follow.

  • Jim
  • via email

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