Katie Koegel
  • Katie Koegel
  • I thought yall cared about me 
  • I thought yall were different 
  • I defended you, all of you
  • From the mean words other said
  • I tell them how you helped me 
  • I tell them how you saved me 
  • I tell them all these good things 
  • Because I love every one of you
  • But now that I’m gone it’s different 
  • You still care but not enough 
  • You don’t care if I go to a shelter
  • You would drop me off there yourself
  • I only pretend to be strong!
  • I’m weak!
  • I’ve never been alone
  • This isn’t something I ever wanted to deal with
  • I always thought you would always be there to catch me when I fell,
  • But I guess I was wrong 
  • It’s you who pushed me

Katie Koegel resides in North Carolina, grew up in the foster-care system and, with the support of her grandparents, has been pursuing her passion for writing and photography.

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