Rams/Chargers Inglewood stadium close to winning vote

Vote said to be 20-12 in favor of opulent Kroenke facility

According to espn.com, the bid by Rams owner Stan Kroenke for a $2.6 billion Inglewood stadium appears to be leading the Chargers/Raiders proposal for a much more modest Carson stadium. The vote has been reported as 20-12. If this is true, Kroenke needs only four more votes to get his OK to move the Rams from St. Louis and have the Chargers join him in Inglewood. (The Chargers' Dean Spanos has said he is not interested in Inglewood, but money talks.)

Reports have been leaking out of the Houston meeting all day, as reported by the Reader in the comments to blog items below. Among the news bits: the Raiders management has blasted Oakland politicians, just as Kroenke excoriated St. Louis and Fabiani belittled San Diego. Thus, the hostility level has risen. A possible proposal for Kroenke to move the Rams with no partners was dropped.

The NFL's high-powered relocation committee voted 5-1 for the Carson site, but if the latest reports are true, the so-called potent committee may have been neutered.

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So Rams go to Inglewood. Then Chargers have right-of-first-refusal to move to L.A. and if they decline, the Raiders can move.

So should we expect a rush to pay for a stadium in San Diego (and it would probably have to be on the waterfront for the Chargers to accept) or will the Chargers leave quietly? Will San Diego permit them to play in Qualcomm until their new stadium is available?

Shrewd. Saying both the Chargers and Raiders can move to L.A. That will put pressure (again) on San Diego to build a stadium. So the drama is really not over.... because the Chargers have another year to decide if they want to move. In the meantime, they will jerk around San Diego.

I find it interesting that Jerry Jones is the one who proposed the Rams with a team TBD. A few years ago, he couldn't get many of the other owners to even agree with him on the time of day. It seems now that he holds more sway than all but a couple of owners. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but don't the Chargers have to opt out of their lease within the next 3 or 4 weeks if they want to leave now? Better off than Davis I guess, who doesn't even have a lease for next year. If, and it may be a big if, Spanos decides to move the team, I would not bet against the Raiders moving to San Diego. I guess the fun part is yet to come.

Raiders need to relocate to San Quentin. I don't think they can get a stadium built in San Diego even if they paid for it.

They have until May 1st regarding their lease--but the NFL wants a decision by March, due to scheduling issues.

The worst part of this whole thing is that the drama continues. And Kev-boy will continue to float schemes for a new stadium to keep them here and the news media will continue to give top billing to the drama and . . . When will this nonsense end? If we're lucky, a year from now. Or maybe not even then. The club that has been held over the fans of "Give us a new stadium or we'll leave" is losing its credibility.

But meanwhile, the crumbling streets will see ever-larger potholes, more water mains will burst, more storm drains will collapse during heavy rains, the PD will do more outrageous things. Kev will fiddle with the spanos gang while SD burns.

Ponzi: Yes, the NFL upped the pressure on San Diego by tossing in a $100 million bribe and also deciding on Kroenke for L.A. Will San Diegans capitulate to this overt (and smelly) power play?

Possibly -- tragically. Still, I think it is more likely the team will be sold to some billionaire or group of billionaires with the bucks to bargain with Kroenke. Best, Don Bauder

Final score: Inglewood 30, Carson 2. Too bad the Chargers couldn't have had more victories that large this season. I also look forward to our resident expert on all things Carson, known as John Ogre. Or David Benz. Or JohnnyO. I am sure he has many thoughts on just how wrong all of the NFL owners are.

aardvark: I suspect the press got snookered on this one. The owners came out and leaked that Carson was in the lead, but it was all b.s. That's part of the negotiating game. Best, Don Bauder

I suspected and posted all along that the proposed Carson deal was all smoke and mirrors not backed up by solid financials.

Raiders could move to San Diego, San Antonio or St. Louis.

San Diego could work out a deal to retain the Chargers name. Then, let Spanos move his franchise to Inglewood rebranded under a new name. Then, San Diego could attract another NFL team like the Raiders, Jaguars etc.. and rebrand that new team with Chargers name.

It happened with Cleveland when the Browns moved to Baltimore and became the Ravens.

I suspect San Diego taxpayers will still be strongly resistant to using any public monies on a new football stadium. Wonder if any of the local billionaires are bored enough to write a big check for a new stadium in San Diego?!

And exactly which name did you post under while saying Carson was all smoke and mirrors??? Any moron, except JDean Spanos, John Ogre. David Benz, or JohnnyO I guess, knew that Carson was not happening.

danfogel: I said from day one that Carson was a phony. So I belong with all those morons. It's not the first time I have been so labeled. Best, Don Bauder

don bauder, read my comment again> said any moron knew that Carson was NOT happening. You were definitely not one of those aforementioned morons who thought Carson was real

SportsFan0000: I HOPE San Diego taxpayers will not fall for this trick play ($100 million bribe plus one year to decide) pulled by NFL owners. I just don't know. Best, Don Bauder

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