Certain pleasures are best enjoyed infrequently

Los Panchos has their ratios down

Breakfast burrito with scrambled egg, potato, cheese, and beans
  • Breakfast burrito with scrambled egg, potato, cheese, and beans

Los Panchos Taco Shop

5182 Waring Road, Allied Gardens

Every San Diegan knows the value of a kick-ass breakfast burrito and the wretchedness of a disappointing one. I only have one or two breakfast burritos a year, so it’s imperative I know where to go to ensure the experience is a good one. Recently, I was relieved to find that one of my old standbys, Los Panchos Taco Shop, could still be relied upon to satisfy my specific craving.

Before this day, I’d always obtained my burritos via the convenient drive-through, but this time I felt like enjoying my breakfast with David as fresh and hot as possible, without having to cart anything back home. I’m not sure why my expectations of the interior were so low. I was hoping for clean, but aside from that, in my mind’s eye it would be similar to a fast-food joint at a truck stop, with zero frills. Instead we were greeted by splashes of color: red, green, and blue. The visible kitchen area was clean and orderly, and the salsa bar was fully stocked, without a drop of hot sauce to sully our view. The atmosphere was downright pleasant.

Clean and bright interior

Clean and bright interior

Salsa bar with spicy veggies

Salsa bar with spicy veggies

I went classic and simple, with an eggs, potato, bean, and cheese for $4.50. At some places you get a burrito full of beans with but a hint of the other ingredients, but Los Panchos has their ratios down. Everything is evenly distributed throughout, so each bite contains that glorious blend. The potatoes are thicker than fries but just as flavorful and they were cooked well without being mushy. The flour tortilla is so fresh and tasty you could order just that and enjoy it with a bit of hot sauce (as I have in the past).

After we finished our leisurely brunch of breakfast burritos, David pointed out the many things on the menu, such as the ceviche, that he is eager to sample. I’m happy to go back again sometime soon (not too soon, as certain pleasures are best enjoyed infrequently) for another breakfast burrito. There are few things that satisfy me more than simple food prepared well.

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