Stuck in 1975 Observatory North Park

"I want everyone to stop recording and live in this wonderful moment.”
  • "I want everyone to stop recording and live in this wonderful moment.”

Droning sounds start to build before The 1975 came onstage at 9 p.m. Shrieks from fans filled my ears as the frontman, Matthew Healy, came out with his bandmates. It felt as if I was sent into the middle of a Teens Choice Awards.

The singer, wearing an oversized Korn shirt with a blazer over it, struck a pose when the music started to “Love Me,” the poppiest song I have ever heard. It reminded me of a mix of Prince and Freddie Mercury executed poorly. The 1975’s songs lack any originality or imagination (or more than one chord progression, for that matter).

Some of the songs had words like “baby” or “my heart,” and whenever Healy sang something like this, the girls in the audience would do the annoying heart-shape thing with their hands. During the entire concert cellphones recorded Healy’s every move as the girls quickly posted their clips and pictures to Snapchat while dancing with one hand in the air and shouting “woooo!”

“Ello everybody,” Healy spoke in his British accent. “We made a new album… These jeans are way too skinny. I want everyone to stop recording and live in this wonderful moment.” It wasn’t until the middle of the concert that Healy spoke to the crowd and took off his Korn shirt, keeping the blazer on but exposing his chest tattoo and scrawny body.

The audience only stopped for one song and quickly started recording everything thereafter. The whole time I just wanted to go back to the bar, but my friend was enjoying herself so I braved the army of tweens. I felt like a dad with his daughter at a One Direction concert. The only positive aspect I rescued was that the visuals and production were impressive, airtight.

“We want ‘Sex’!” The audience started shouting as the band finished the show after one hour. The band showed up to play the obvious encore and ended the concert with what they asked for — “Sex.”

  • Concert: The 1975
  • Date: December 15
  • Venue: Observatory North Park
  • Seats: General

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