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2K Christie Digital Cinema Package comes to Digital Gym

Digital Gym
  • Digital Gym

Digital Gym Cinema

2921 El Cajon Boulevard, North Park

No one has wanted to see the Media Arts Center’s Digital Gym make a bigger name for itself than I. (It’s the only gym you’ll ever see me set foot in.) There’s not enough space to list the outstanding films they’ve brought through town, and for that they have my eternal gratitude. But if the truth be told, it’s been well over a year since I caught a movie there. Why leave home to watch a Blu-ray?

It is with a overwhelming sense of ebullient abandon that I announce it is at last safe to return to the Digital Gym!

In my year-end wrap-up, the one wish extended for a happier 2016 was that a DCP take up permanent residence in their booth. Fish! Fish! I got my wish! As of last week, the Gym is now the proud recipient of a 2K Christie Digital Cinema Package! (Given the short throw, a 4K would have melted the screen.)

Far be it from this reporter to lead with guesswork. A weekend visit confirmed my greatest hope. What I saw on the screen made the old system look like VHS being pumped through an ancient Sony Trinitron. All I know is this: once we were blind and now, thanks to the hard work of Ethan Van Thillo and his staff, we can see. No more excuses!

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Hoo-ray and hallelujah! Now if they could just do something about that damn front door.

One crisis at a time! ;)

I have given my suggestions. It should be an easy, relatively inexpensive fix. Hopefully they'll get on it soon.

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