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Get Your Latin Straight

Matt Potter’s cover story is very interesting. All about how Susan Golding and city hall and the power structure stuck it to us, sold us down the river to Dean Spanos.

But I think Matt Potter never had Latin in high school, I would guess. He says that Bruce Henderson is “an alumni of UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall school of law.” Alumni is the plural of alumnus, in this case a man. A woman would be alumna. Good story, Potter. But get your Latin straight.

I think Dean Spanos is still trying to screw us. I don’t have too much confidence in city hall, or the Union-Tribune for that matter. If he wants to go to Los Angeles, good riddance.

  • Name withheld
  • via voicemail

Take Back the City

Re: February 11 cover story: “Can Bruce Henderson Be Detained at Guantanamo until This Is All Over?

Please end the Chargers nightmare and scam of city and fans. I really don’t care about football at all. I never have watched a game on TV and certainly have not paid to see pro football.

I don’t think that I am alone. There must be tens of thousands of people in San Diego who don’t care one lick about the Chargers.

The audacity that they think the taxpayers should give them not only most of the cost of a new stadium and many other concessions like guaranteed gate and low rent, but to act like it is their right. This, right after trying to move to L.A. and abandon their fans here. If they try to build a new football stadium in East Village, I will be the first to lay down in front of the bulldozers to prevent it.

The Padres are a bad enough neighbor who don’t even give the neighbors that put up with them free tickets to less-popular games, they do whatever they want and got sweetheart deals, including development rights to the East Village.

This city has been totally corrupt when it comes to professional sports. It’s time to stand up to these guys and take back the city.

  • Ronald Amberger
  • East Village

Toilet-to-Tap Danger

Your article on toilet to tap by a stringer, Marty Graham, is entirely dangerous as well as moronic. May I suggest to the Reader a brilliant letter sent to the Presidio Sentinel in December 2014 by Dr. Richard Sauerheber, a chemist.

In this letter, Dr. Sauerheber points to the high levels of tritium that cannot be removed by any process from this water that eventually will be put into the general water supply — this toilet-to-tap garbage.

Dr. Sauerheber points out many other elements, like carburetor cleaner and herbicides, that cannot be gotten out of the toilet-to-tap water that we are expected to ingest.

There’s a possibility that water from radioactive sources like the carriers and San Onofre have gotten into the water that is supposedly purified and then dumped into the general water supply.

May I suggest that this letter be reprinted by the Reader, because it makes a very strong case. In fact, an airtight case against toilet to tap. The idea that newspapers lack the decency to try to safeguard the public health by any means possible to get the truth out doesn’t seem to impress the editors of the Reader or of the Union-Tribune.

We are in deadly danger from government, and from government blunders — something that could destroy many people. Yet, your blasé reporting on this matter is actually criminal, and the local newspaper, the Union-Tribune, is even more culpable than you are.

  • Name withheld
  • via voicemail

Manning’s High Note

Re: Sporting Box, February 4

Mr. Daugherty, how did that work out for you? Bet you thought no one reads your column.

Manning and team did go out on a high note, unlike Broadway Joe and the Snake. Mr. MVP Newton was the one who choked. Hope you didn’t bet on Carolina.

  • Fred Faul
  • Oceanside

Cheating Customers: Good for Business

Excellent article by Don Bauder highlighting how utilities legally cheat their rate-payers and how SDG&E is among the worst perpetrators. In Mexico, having gas pumps and even grocery scales that cheat the customer up to 10% is legal, accepted, and deemed “good for business.”

  • John Kitchin
  • San Ysidro

Was Roosevelt Racist?

One must remember that Charles Lindbergh shot down a Japanese aircraft in the South Pacific before he was pulled out by General Douglas MacArthur. He also taught P-38 Lightning pilots how to get 700 miles out of their aircraft with the glider techniques he taught them.

Also remember that Roosevelt did not invite Jesse Owens to the White House after he won his gold medals in front of Hitler and all the other Nazis. If anyone thinks that Charles Lindbergh was a Nazi, then I guess you’re gonna have to say that Roosevelt was a racist.

  • Chris Moore
  • Downey

The Danger of Streetwalking

In response to Neighborhood News, “Tecolote Canyon is Crappy,” February 4 .

I’ve lived here since ‘64, and that’s like a little raceway. Anyone walking or biking along that stretch of road is taking their life into their own hands. If you’re going to walk out there, you can walk on the other side of the guard rail no problem. If you’re going to walk out in the street ... well, a lot of people have been getting hit lately.

  • John
  • Encanto

More to Beefheart

In Ask a Hipster, you mentioned Captain Beefheart. You forgot to mention that, besides being a unique composer, he’s an art prodigy. He’s also a poetic genius.

  • Mauricio Navarro
  • Via voicemail

Keep the San Diego Reader to San Diego

For some reason, the San Diego Reader is not aware that Tijuana is not a neighborhood of San Diego. Not only is TJ not in the city of San Diego, nor in the County of San Diego, it is not even in the whole state of California, nor in the entire country of the United States. Tijuana is a neighborhood of a foreign country named Mexico — one Americans need a passport to go to.

Please use the space devoted to Tijuana in the San Diego Reader, on Santee for example (where I live) — an actual neighborhood in San Diego County.

  • Sue Quigley
  • Santee

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Santee vs Tijuana. I'll take news about TJ over "Klan-Tee" any day of the week.

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