Whale crossing ahead

...and other waterfront goings-on

February 10

— Man down at 1950 Abbot St. 65 y/o, unable to walk from a previous injury. BLS 32 responds and transports the patient to UCSD.

— 1 Sam contacts SDPD for a male acting aggressive towards beach patrons. SDPD takes the person into custody.

— 30 y/o male with a head injury from a surfboard at 1950 abbot St. No LOC and not altered. 1 Sam requests fire and medics, Engine 13 AMA’s patient.

— 39 y/o male fall at Osprey, Sunset Cliffs. Report from fire, no other details a southern area cliff response is initiated. 1 Sam arrives on scene with fire, medical aid only not a cliff rescue.

— Report from fire of a male who fell on the rocks at Neptune. 3 Lincoln, Unit 36, Unit 300, E 13 and M 9 respond. Medic-9 transports to Scripps La Jolla.

February 09

— 55 Gallon drum leaking oil in the bay at west side of Fiesta Island. Rescue 3 responds. Turns out to be a trash can.

— Stranded 17 ft runabout in Mission Bay near Ski Beach. Guardian 1 responds and provides emergency tow to Ski Beach dock.

— 24 ft sloop ran aground near Government Island. Guardian 1 responds and takes the tow.

— 70 y/o male with a syncope episode at Tangiers court. Unit 24, 21 Sam, Engine 21 and Medic 9 respond. AMA with Medics.

— Elephant seal with shark bite found at Windansea. 3 Sam confirms. National Marine Fisheries contacted.

— Possible boat fire 20 miles off of Torrey Pines. Call transferred from USCG. Turns out to be USCG cutter 5 ½ miles off Point Loma. Clear.

February 08

— Transfer call from SDPD, reporting party states that there is a woman stuck on the rocks at Winansea. 3 Sam, U 24, Engine 13 and Rescue 9 respond. A ladder is used from E 13 to extricate the woman from the rocks, Rescue 9 evaluates and the patient signs out AMA.

— The vessel Privateer reports a whale at the tip of the channel on VHF 16. Minutes later the Privateer reports the whale is clear of the channel.

— 21 Sam takes a report of a man harassing beach patrons and requests PD. The man leaves the beach area and PD is advised.

February 07

— 911 call of a diver waiving for help off La Jolla Shores. La Jolla Shores lifeguards, 4L and Fire respond. Guard in the water signals all clear. Two separated divers. All responding units cancelled.

— 44 y/o male unconscious with alcohol on board. Mission Beach area. 21 Sam, Engine 21 and Medic 21 respond. Medics handle.

— Report of a body in the water off Osprey, Sunset Cliffs by SDPD, Able. Rescue vessel, Jet 2, 1 Sam, Marine 3, USCG Helo and Medical Examiner respond. Report was from a private helicopter in the area. Marine 3 recovers the body and transports back to lifeguard HQ. SDPD and County Medical Examiner handle the investigation.

— Fall on the sidewalk near the Children’s Pool. 70 y/o male. Unit 32, Engine 13 and Medic Rescue 9 respond. Medics transport to Scripps LJ.

— Boat dead in the water near the Mission Bay Channel. Rescue vessel responds and San Diego Jet Ski rental chase boat handle the tow.

— Kite boarder in distress off of Pacific Beach. Jet 20 makes rescue.

— 2 kayakers trapped in Emerald Cove. 31 y/o male and 24 y/o female kayaked into Emerald Cove and were stuck with no injuries. Attempted to climb out and became stuck on cliff. 24 Sam, off-duty Cove Guard, Rescue 5, 4 Lincoln, 21 Sam, Engine 9, Rescue 43, Medic 9 and 3 King respond. Rescue 5 and Cove Guard make rescue. Rescue 5 transports to La Jolla Shores boat launch. No injuries, victims released.

February 06

— HP responded to the A-3 Anchorage to document damage to another vessel caused by the past week’s storm.

— Hazard to Navigation via VHF from vessel stating a six foot by three foot box was floating in the water.

— Jet skis in water off Ocean Beach cross Narragansett. Rescue West responds and goes clear with warnings issued.

— Kayaks inside Emerald Cave. Unit 36, 31 Sam, Jet 3, Rescue West and 3L respond. Victim and kayak transported to outside via Jet 3. No further assistance needed.

— Dog Bite at Marine Street. Male bitten on hands by pit bull. 3 Sam, SDPD 124V, E9, M9, 3L and SDPD respond. SDPD and Animal Control remain on scene while 3L and 3S issue two citations. Fire and Medics canceled by 3S.

— Call reported as possible bridge jumper. SDPD Dispatch requests Lifeguards for possible jumper on W. Mission Bay Bridge. 24 Sam and Rescue 5 respond. SDPD has a person in custody and cancels Lifeguard response.

February 05

— Persons at Windansea flag down 3 king on morning patrol. Personal belongings left on bench next to ocean access at Palomar Street. SDPD and 3 Sam respond and items are reunited with proper owner.

— Swimmer in distress off Palomar Street, at Windansea. Unit 32 and 3 Sam respond. Victims assisted to beach by surfers.

— Sailboat overdue at Hilton Marina. 24 Sam and Rescue 5 respond. Boat returns with no lifeguard assistance needed.

February 04

— HP responded to the A-4 Anchorage to investigate a report of two male subjects boarding a vessel and taking it for a joy ride while the owner was away from the boat.

— A Harbor Police vessel was being fueled at a local fuel dock when it was accidentally struck by another boat. The HP vessel sustained minimal damage.

— Surfboat back up to OB for 2 rescues in pier rip. Victims rescued by the OB crew and the surfboat is there for back up. Clear.

San Diego Lifeguards are a 24 hour rescue agency whose responsibilities include water rescue, boat rescue, marine fire suppression, coastal cliff rescue, underwater search and recovery, swift water and flood search, rescue and emergency medical response. San Diego Lifeguards also handle enforcement of city, state and federal laws and regulations. Lifeguards are classified as peace officers with the power of arrest.

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